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5 minutes with Renshi Daz  

Name: Darren Barber
Date of Birth: Confidential 
Age: 49 years
School: Hope High Salford 1980 - 1984
Current Karate Grade:  5th Dan   
Joined KSD: Founder 
Length of Training:  33 years 

What got you involved in martial arts 

As a child i wasnt the largest of boys , i became the target of school  bullys   

What martial arts have you studied and what year did you start 

I began in Judo in 1982, Boxing , Ju Jitsu and Karate been in Karate since 1985     


Running the club and teaching 5 days a week i train myself 3-4 times per week , usually alone or with Sensei Chris on a Sunday 

i am still get that buzz from training  


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Happiest moments

Been many over the years but if i had to pick one , mmmmm " thinking " .. Seeing my Daughter progress from a founder member to Nidan 

Favourite thing at KSD

The People , its like a second family to me , the instructors , who give there time with the same vision i have , the members who train , the parents , it really is my Fav thing .


To keep pushing forward with my vision for KSD , real karate for real people  

Away from Karate 

I love to travel and have been very lucky to have been to the places i have seen , i am a family man married 26 years two grown up children , Ryan 26 and Ashley 24 

A dog lover , my breed of choice is Border collies , i am a manchester United fan have been since 1974 .

i was a HGV Class 1 truck driver for 22 years , these days i like to renovate houses keeps me busy during the day .  


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