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All our Instructors are fully qualified and enhanced CRB checked. KSD is a family club and all members are extended family and treated as such. KSD instructors have a wealth of experience in martial arts as well as in life, we're always approachable and friendly.

2nd Dan

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Rebecca Page

Becks is a founder member of the club. A real asset as a qualified Nursary Nurse, having began her working life in this field she is a natural with kids. After an opportunity arose to run her own business she grasped it and is now in the public service sector. Becks can turn her hand to anything.

Student of the year 2014

Shodan 2014

Nidan 2016 

Rebecca Page

1st Dan

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Bethany Castle

Bethany , is training hard for her Junior Shodan , this young lady is a encyclopedia of Karate and is often overlooked when questions are asked in favor of education of others ! , its a bind when your the daughter of the clubs Senior Instructor Sensei Chris & Shidoin Mandy ... keep up the good work kiddo 

## Edit Cadet Shodan passed 6/11/2016 ##


Ken Shu Do Karate Club / Association

Attended: 2011 to 2017

Location: Whitefield / Manchester

Style: Shito-Ryu / Shukokai

Sensei: Darren Barber

Graded: 9th Kyu to Shodan (Cadet)



It was 2011 when I began training in karate, the main reasons being to keep fit, defend myself from bullies, and to have fun and make new friends. As I progressed through the ranks I was allowed to help out in lessons. I have been assisting the Instructors in teaching the (Little Warriors) class since 2013. In recognition of this I was promoted to Cadet Leader and subsequently Junior Sempai. I have received many club awards and have also been fortunate enough to represent the club in National competitions.


Club Achievements…    


  • Began Training in Shito Ryu / Shukokai Karate  


  • Entered my first competition - Ken Yu Kai National - Bronze Ind. Kata.
  • KSDKA - Student of the Month – August


  • KSDKA – Official Competition Squad Member
  • KSDKA – Student of the Month – September 
  • KSDKA – Cadet Female of the Year 2012 - (2nd Place)


  • Promoted to Little Warriors Assistant Instructor as a (Cadet Leader)
  • KSDKA – Assistant Club Instructor (Level 3) Cert.
  • KSDKA – Student of the Month – November


  • KSDKA - Most Attended Student of the Year 2015
  • KSDKA – Brown Belt of the Year 2015 - (2nd Place)
  • KSDKA – Student of the Month – November


  • 1st Dan – Shodan (Cadet) / Graded
  • KSDKA – Sempai (Official Title Awarded)   
  • KSDKA - Most Attended Student of the Year 2016
  • KSDKA – Member of the Year (as voted for by the club) – 2016
  • KSDKA – Black Belt of the Year 2016 - (2nd Place)
  • KSDKA – Competition Squad Badge Awarded

Ken Shu Do Karate Association (1st Annual) Club Competition 2016 - (Gold – Team Kata / Silver – Ind. Kata / Silver – Kihon / Bronze – Kumite)


  • F.S.K. 30th Open Championships – Silver Ind. Kata.
  • B.S.K.I. National – Bronze Ind. Kata
  • KSDKA – Student of the Month – March / June / August / September

Ken Shu Do Karate Association (2nd Annual) Club Competition 2017 – (Gold – Kihon / Silver – Ind. Kata)



Looking ahead to the future, I will continue to train hard in order to achieve my (Senior) Black Belt. I would still like to continue to compete, and represent the club in (National / European) competitions. I enjoy being a (Cadet Leader) and would like to continue assisting the Instructors, and perhaps one day be promoted to Shidion. Finally, I would like to thank Sensei Daz & Sensei Will for everything I have achieved so far, and hope to be training at KSD Karate for many years to come.  

Bethany Castle
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Katie Royle

Shodan 2018

Current Ksd Grand Champion after our recent club Comp 

2017 Ken Shu Dojo Student of the year 

Katie Royle
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Neil Waldman

Neil is currently away from the dojo due to being unwell and has undergone a heart operation , we wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery and look forward to his return , like anyone having surgery on the heart a letter from his cardioligist allowing him to returt to training " doing what he loves " .. 

This Month April 18 were pleased to see Neil given the all clear from his Cardiologist , the letter did the trick .

Neil Waldman
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