Ken Shu Dojo Traditonal Karate offers all new and returning  members  first 2  classes are free to beginners and re-starters. All ages  between 4 and 70 years welcome .

Our classes are sperated into dedicated age groups:

Little Warriors - Ages 4 - 6
Super Samurais - Ages 7 - 10
Cadets - Ages 7-13
Families - Ages 7+
Seniors - Ages 14+
Karatabata - Ages 10+
See our class timetable for training times.
Try Two karate classes for free!
to beginners and restarters

Fancy trying something new? Why not try the many benefits Shukokai Karate training can offer with Two Free  classes free of charge, yes FREE!

Beginners and restarters ages 4 - 65+ welcome.

See our class timetable
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