Little Warriors


This Ken Shu Dojo  Karate in whitefield  class is suitable  for members ages 5 through to 7 (including beginners in this age range).

Fun based karate aimed at the younger members taught in a safe manner where we aim to improve motor skills at the same time enhancing listening and attention skills   .

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This class is kept to low numbers to aid concentration, .

This is a great program for our young little guys we encourage hard work and attention through a class reward system awarding a Warrior of the class award , and a warrior of the week award something that works really well and is proven to see a difference in those who miss out in the following classes  .

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A Quote from one of our Little Warrior parents 

" I've seen it all here as a Parent of a Little Warriors while then Graduated to Super Samurais " Cadets " i can't say enough how grateful i am to the staff at ksd. The warriors is full of energy fun based learning, once my Lad graduated into the higher age group he was really worried but the staff and the older children helped him they are fab . Thank you all, my son loves coming to Karate" .

Key Benefits of KSD Karate Shito Ryu Shukokai Manchester 

  • Learning
  • Balance
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Team work
  • Friendships 

Life Skills 

Stranger Danger 
Road Safety
Listening Skills
Health & Fitness
Healthy Eating

We have a belt system in place the runs along side the main class from Red Stripe to Black Stripe. We run a progressive syllabus and members are tested, Every 8 - 12 weeks. The duration of the test is around 30 - 45 minutes .

When we identify that a student is no longer getting anything from this class we move them up to the main class Super Samurai  / Cadets  . Children tend to learn at different rates. 

Little Warriors are allowed to leave (bow out of) class when seemingly tired. They are welcome in the main classes after their class has finished.

See our class timetable for training times.

Ksd Karate teaches Shito ryu, Shukokai, Little Warriors Karate, near  Manchester, close to  Bury, the dojo is in Whitefield on the border of Prestwich and  Radcliffe.   
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Covid 19 Notice 

Due to social distancing and class sizes limited in numbers we are offering limited places in classes for new members and re starts 

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Beginners and restarters ages 5 - 75+ welcome.

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