KSD Karate Club, 7A Victoria Lane, Whitefield M45 6BL
07886 307 454

NB: Private or Withheld numbers will not be answered, we will not take any calls from 3rd part agencies selling utilities insurances or any unrelated karate member enquires. For all non-karate member enquiries please use the form below.

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Try a taster class for free!
to beginners and restarters

Fancy trying something new? Why not try the many benefits of Ken Shu Dojo  Karate training can offer with a couple of  taster  classes free of charge, yes FREE!

Then if you want to continue we Will offer you 4 weeks unlimited training Membership to our national govening body with a years free insurance  a Karate Suit   and your first Grading all for £29.99 


You can pay per class / month but all members must purchase membership to our National Govening Karate body and as members you get your Insurance to train , annual cost £15.00 

Beginners and restarters ages 5 - 75+ welcome.

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The true work of the martial arts is progress, not perfection.
Gene Dunn