To grade all members must be able to demonstrate any and all previous kata without exclusion.

9th Kyu

  • Kihon Kata Ich (H Kata)
  • Shirozukan (X Kata)

8th Kyu

  • Pinan Nidan

7th Kyu

  • Pinan Shodan

6th Kyu

  • Pinan Sandan

5th Kyu

  • Pinan Yondan

4th Kyu

  • Empi
  • Pinan Godan

3rd Kyu

  • Jurokuno
  • Matsukasi

2nd Kyu

  • Jinn
  • Niahainchi
  • Siafia

1st Kyu

  • Annanku
  • Tensho
  • Wanshu

1st Dan

  • Bassai Dai
  • Kenshu
  • Sanchin

2nd Dan

  • Kensho
  • Shirokusokun
  • Sienchin

3rd Dan

  • Kurunfa
  • Rohai
  • Sepai

4th Dan

  • Sansiriu
  • Sesan
  • Unsu

5th Dan

  • Niesishi
  • Superempi

6th Dan

  • See Association head
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