April 19

Huge well done to the April student of the month 
Little warriors - Jake B and Ruby F 
Super samurai - Chloe B and Huey D 
Cadets - Jack S and Ava C 
Senior cadets Ali A and Olivia H 
Seniors - Jonny G and Katie R


Little Warriors Grading well done to 

Red Stripes - Leo D , Jack F , Ruby F , Asher T 

Yellow Stripes - Thomas C 

Orange Stripe - Jake B 

Purple Stripe - Jude M 


Well that’s all folks ! 
The Dan Grade is done 
They did the fitness kihon and kumite Saturday , today they lined up at front of class and the gloves were on again “ didn’t expect that hey “ ... after class part b of the weekend we had combinations , pad work , hokie kumite , kata , bunkai , self defence , throws take downs .... all 3 candidates gave there all !! 5 hours Saturday 5 hours Sunday were pleased as punch to announce a new 2nd dan Jonny , and two new 1st dans Olivia and Jack .... well done guys , thanks goes to Sensei Ken , James and Brad for the grade panel attendance ..


Well done to those members who graded today 

9th Kyu Red Belt

Oliver Csatlos, Christian Cullen, Thomas Cottom, Laura GreenWay, Emma Miller, Sebatian Miller, Adam Popdic, Hannah Peers, Liam Peers, Noah Peers, Andy Peers, Leo Sachro. Savannah Joynson 

8th Kyu Yellow Belt , Louis Hannah

7th Kyu Orange Belt Finn Mcloughlin

3rd Kyu Assesment , Katrina Walmsley 

2nd Kyu Brown Belt - Ava Harrison , Logan Harrison 

Well done guys fantastic standard shown from all members .     



Wkc youth games 

A tough compertition and great seeing some new faces and clubs on the circuit 

The Standard was fantastic form all who took part 

well done to our Squad who achieved a Medal Haul of 

Gold 3

 Silver 7

 Bronze 14

So proud of you all Sensei 


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