April 2017

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Daniel Adams 

Super Samurai - Ethan Anderson 

Cadet - Jack Symons 

Senior Cadet - Abbie Payne 

Senior -    Lindsay Derere


We have another Senior grade in the class well done to Mercedes on her 3rd Kyu , for a pic see the members secition of this web site 

Fab grading 30/4/2017 

4 hours of testing produced the following 

8th Kyu Haroon Freyas 

7th Kyu , Rosie Billington , Ryan Anderson , Joshua Evans , Ewan Scott , Blake Rosenthall 

3rd Kyu Mercedes Daley 

1st Kyu Joanne Parkes 

Pre Dan Grade assesment , Jessica Muir  

Well done to these members who came of age and had to graduate to Super Samurais / Cadets 

Red Belt 9th Kyus 

Ollie Harris , Finn McLouglan , Harry Miller & Lewis Weng 

Our Supporting body / Association " Cobra Martial Arts Association ! CMAA was nominated for the Association of the year at the British Martial Arts awards , were pleased to announce that the Association won , well done to Andrew Morrell and all at Cobra on this well deserved award .


Easter Sunday , first time ever we opened Easter Sunday much to the anger of the wife hahaha , 24 members came to train , awesome Super Sumdays down our dojo are awesome , i decided to do the Easter Egg theme again as there were a few members who just missed out on Thursday , huge well done to Jack , Jolanta & Olivia thursdays effort did not go unoticed , first place went to Dylan this young man works his behind off every class and the sweat ossing from him shows .. well done fella .

Awesome Thursday class 13/4/17 Kata theme , all members working so hard , we offered a prize for the hardest working / stand out member every member was so worthy but as were realists ther can be only one , of course all members got some treats , but a huge well done to a young lady thats on fire since her Pre Dan Grade test " Abbie Payne " awesome work young Lady . 

We have a couple of new 9th Kyus 

Huge well done to Jessica Clarke & Elizibeth " Beth " Shaw on your promotions , Beth is the Sister of a Ksd Karate founder member Katie , Ashley seen here " my daughter " was also a founder member training along side Katie " Beths sister " .. how time flys .

Well done to Dylan on his Cadet of the week award , OSu 

What a Fab day , our Senior Brown belt grade and 1st Kyus Pre Dan Grade assessments .. after 4 hours and not much left to give we have 2 new Senior Brown Belts , Well done to Daz S and Yv on your promotions Yv achieving a distinction " just like the old days " fab performance . 3 members attending there Pre Dan assessment did well, there is work to do as the scoring suggests Abbs 19 point to improve , Malyssa 24 & Elisha 28 overall not to bad , that was 2/3rds of the total Dan grade Syllabus a 6 hour affair with that in mind its Fatigue that was a issue , lets work on that guys , proud of you all , Sensei Daz — feeling accomplished at Ksd traditional karate whitefield.

3rd Kyu Yvonne Stockman , Daz S 

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