August 2017

NEW CLASS ALERT --------- LITTLE WARRIORS WEEKEND CLASS ------------------- starts SUNDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 10 am 

An additional class Monday Warriors & Wednesday Warriors not effected , just offering great choices and extra chances to train 

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Asher Goldstone 

Super Samurai - Kate Hamblett 

Cadet - Ryan Anderson

Senior Cadet - Bethany Castle 

Senior - Rebecca page 

Well done on your 9th Kyu red belts Jaisai & Soumil Kumar  


Our first ever Day time gade due to memebsr commitment at the weekend and them being unable to attend .

7th Kyu Orange belt 

Well done Lee , Abdulla & Adam 


Well done to Lucy Hopkins on her 9th Kyu Red belt tonight



After working for many months were delighted to announce we have been awards a Centre of excellence  award from the Cobra Martial arts Association .


Well done to Ail Termaney Al on his red belt 9th Kyu this eve 


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