December 2016

Wishing all members , famlies a very Happy New year and all the very best thank you to all who supported us again in 2016 , see you all in the new year CLUB Re Opens Wednesday Jan 4th 

2016 Ksd Karate Studenr of the year , Andy Muir 

2016  end of year speech

Guys thank you for coming without your on going support there isn’t a club as were only as good as the members we have so thank you .

Been a funny old year just glad there has been more ups than downs , we retained for the 5th year running over 100 registered members , but only registering 30 new members over the year registered members being those who licenced for the first time  , as a club we can do better . we have never in 7 years advertised its all been built on word of mouth , so if we can continue this going forward , share our 4 class free post on social media and can you check in to our dojo on social media it gets our name out there , thanks guys .

Been a steady year with most members progressing through the ranking belt system very well and the standard of most grades over the year have been very good .

Our bi annual Black belt grading saw the first ever Ksd Cadet black belt, long standing member Teagan having that privilege, followed by the 2nd 6 months later Bethany.

This year we produced 6 new 1st Dans , a 2nd Dan and two  3rd Dans our best year ever , the 2nddan set another first for us , Becks one of the original founder members took it , infact  Becks  & Sensie Chris became the first 2 members ever to take a second dan grading with us ( they must be mental )

We also had the pleasure and privilege to be part of Sensei Kens promotion to 6th Dan after a visit and great night with His old Sensei Soke Brian Walsh , this was our first ever 6th Dan just awesome to have been part of 1st , 2nd , 3rd , 4th , 5th and now a 6th Dan and amazing journey the clubs been on  .

In June we have the privilege and honour of the Major visit our club even joining in with the session , this visit was on the back of the pride of Bury awards the previous year this was a highlight for sure and thanks to Jonny for sorting it .

Onto the Ksd Karate Squad , remember guys were not a Sport karate club however we do offer that side as we know some enjoy it , after a break of a couple of years due to karate politics we did the JSKA / BSKI invitational comp in Oldham taking a small squad , we returned cracking results and kept up our envious record producing gold medals / champions in every comp we have ever entered 2 gold medals 1 silver 4 bronze , awesome return guys , we took the decision not to do a couple more comps we were invited to as they did not represent sound financial value to our members and we will not be ripped off . we did a in house open to all members comp and it went down really well 23 members taking part over 3 age groups , all taking part in 3 sections was quality guys , well done to all grand champion on the day went to Katie , thank you to Jonny at repairs by post 9 for all your jewellery and watch repairs ) see that plug there lol ,  for sorting out the medals & trophies  .

Few other things to report and we will now be brief  ,

We were nominated and made the final list for the best club in bury , missing out at the last round of voting so thanks for the nominations and the votes guys .

We invested in a brand new Web site and we thank Rick for all his hard work bringing us into the real world web site wise! .

Monies for charity this year we gave via our just giving page £120 to four members & friends raising monies for different causes  , we would of liked this to be more like in prev years but sadly the funds haven’t been as readily available . 

Onto the awards 

Ksd Karate End of year awards 2016 
( Member with the hightest attendance there was ony 3 classes between these ) 
1st Bethany Castle 2nd Mateusze 3rd Majice

Beginners Little warriors 

1st Amillia Abenathy 2nd Asha Goldstone 3rd Illiza holden

Beginners super samurais 
 All Lydia Gifford Kuba Statchor Roxanne Holden 

Beginners Cadet 

1st Luke Schofield 2nd Blake Rosenthal 3rd Ryan Anderson

Re Starter of the year 
1st Yvonne Stockman 2nd Katrina Walmsley

Little Warrior of the year

Male 1st Elliot Nielson 2nd Scott Baxter 3rd Harry Miller 
 Female 1st Chloe Baxter 2nd Daphna Rose 3rd Micha Goldstone

Super Samurai of the year

Male 1st Huey Davis 2nd Essa Yassen 3rd Ethan Abenethy 
 Female 1st Isabella Freya 2nd Casey Gifford 3rd Leah royle

Cadet of the year 8th – 4th Kyu colour belt

Male 1st Jack Symons 2nd Chris Blyth 3rd Majice Klaslo 
 Female 1st Jolanta Lejina 2nd Olivia Holden 3rd Ava Cooper

Senior of the year 8th – 4th kyu colour belt

Male 1st Daz s 2nd Matt Hay 3rd Dave Rose 
 Female 1st Kira Osborne 2nd Collene Langdon

Cadet of the year 3rd – 1st kyu Brown Belt

Male 1st Mateusz Klaslo 2nd Ethan Dawson 3rd James Atter 
Female 1st Katie Royle 2nd Abbie Payne 3rd Jo Parkes

Senior of the year 3rd – 1st kyu brown belt

Female 1st Jess Muir 2nd Malysa Payne 3rd Elisha Wright

Cadet Black belt of the year

Female Teagan Dawson - Bethany Castle

Senior Black Belt of the year

Male Madalin Stanculesku Rick baxter 
 Female Becks Captain Page Darcie Griffiths

Courage award 
( given to member who show true courage to step into the Dojo ) 
All Charlie Walker Savanah Winstanley

Chief instructors personal award 
 ( Given to member who show huge promise and with a big pust can make next year there's ) 
Christian Billington Dan Walker Jo walker 
Super samurai 
Louis Despard Kuba Stactchor James Darlington Ethan Anderson 
Dylan Kenyon Antosh Kaweki William Elder Rhianna Greene Mercedes Daley 
 Rebecca Rigg

Members member of the year 
( all members and parents have a vote )

Bethany Castle

Squad Badge award 
Bethany Castle Teagan Dawson  Matuesz Klaslo Jack Symons Dylan Kenyon

Instructor of the year 
Mandy Kelly

Student of the Year 
Andy Muir

Few Thank you's 

Sensei Chris long serving dedication outstanding achievement award in thanks and total gratitude from Renshi daz for his loyalty and dedication to the club .

Lastly a few thank you’s

Thank you to My Wife Sharon for her continued patience allowing me to do what I do , Ashley for her help behind the desk and at home running about for stock etc , Sensei Chris and Mandy for there unrivalled dedication and commitment to the club & its members , Becks , Neils & Jonny , Bethany ( no titles there trying to keep this short heeheheh ) to all the assistants who have helped also , the members & the parents , your all amazing .

Thank you all for coming , and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year club re opens Jan 4th

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Renshi Daz 


Student of the month

Warrior  - Ethan Abanethy  

Super Samurai – Huey Davis

Cadet – Luke Scofield

Senior Chris Castle 


We joined in the #ManakinChallenge , last night we gave it a go hope you like ! 




Red Belt grade 9th Kyu , well done Joshua Walker   , Oliver Carter & Haroon Freyas 


End of year presentation  / Awards eve is December the 22nd , Little Warriors , Super Samurais  & Cadets  1900 - 2000 , Seniors 1930 - 2130 , Dress code is anything as long as you ware your Grade karate belts ( Seniors Gi Please )  , we also take our end of year picture to compair to previous years we do this around 20:00 , good luck to all re the awards sadly not every member can win ( life isnt like that ) .  

Huge well done to those members who tested today for your Kyu grade 

8th Kyu - Ryan Anderson / Blake Rosenthall / Joshua Evans

5th Kyu - Ava Cooper ( perfomance of the grade award )

4th Kyu - Majiec Klaslo

2nd Kyu - James Atter ( grade assesment as he joined us some time back from another Shukokai club )

Thank you to Matuesz & Bethany for the help .  


Huge well done to all the those little warriors who graded 

Abraham Hassen  Yellow Stripe

 Daphna Rose  & Christian Billington Green Stripe 

Harry Miiller  Brown Stripe 


Piece of mind for all ! ..
Ksd Karate Sensei's are DBS " Old CRB " Enhanced checked on a regular basis in accordance with our association guidelines .

We have CCTV placed throughout our Dojo. 
Parents are welcome to and encouraged to stay and watch there children in our open plan Dojo.
Our Sensei's are Fully Insured & Qualified to Teach 

Our Sensei's are First Aid trained .

all our Black belts are genuine and registered on the national black belt register . 

You never can be too careful these days especially with the media reports and investigations going in in other high profile sports .


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