December 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all 

2017 end of year speech

Guys thank you for coming without your ongoing support there isn’t a club as were only as good as the members we have so thank you .

Been a funny old year just glad there has been more ups than downs, we retained for the 6th year running over 100 registered members, registering 37 new members over the year, registered members being those who licenced for the first time  , as a club we continue to grow  .  in 8 years we have not advertised it’s all been built on word of mouth, so if we can continue this going forward, share our 4 class free post on social media and can you check in to our dojo on social media it gets our name out there this will continue, thanks guys.

Been a steady year with most members progressing through the ranking belt system very well and the standard of all grades over the year have been very good.

Our bi annual Black belt grading was a singular affair this year as we ran a Pre-Dan grade assessment and this highlighted work to be done by most, sadly a few members due left not long after we hope to one day see them back and continue on.

This year we produced 1 new 1st Dan, and 3 new 2nd Dan’s ( well done to all )

Onto the Ksd Karate Squad that’s gone from strength to strength this year, remember guys were not a Sport karate club however we do offer that side as we know some enjoy it .

We attended more comps this year and were very successful even producing 2 European Champions

Total medal count for the squad was 6 Gold, 12 Silver, 19  Bronze awesome work guys

 we once again did a in house open to all members comp and it went down really well attendees up 20% on last years the members taking part over 4 age groups , all taking part in 3 sections was quality guys , well done to all grand champion on the day went to Katie once Few other things to report and we will now be brief  ,

the last comp of the year was cancelled so we put on a Kobudo class ran By Myself, Sensei Ken, Chris & Brad a fantastic day was had by all and plans are to have more in the very near future

We were nominated and made the final list for the best club in bury, we were voted in the top 10 Community clubs In Bury and the Top Karate club.

We received a centre of excellence award from the Cobra martial arts association

. We made the finalists of the Aviva community fund and we await the judgement re funding.

Monies for charity this year we gave via our just giving page £250 to a couple of members & friends raising monies for different causes , we would of liked this to be more like in prev years but sadly the funds haven’t been as readily available . 

Before I begin a few thank you’s

To all the Team who give up there free time to make Ksd what it is for you all the Instructors old and new I thank you for the bottom of my “some say I do not have one “ my heart as I am sure you members and parents do also …..

Personal thank you again to my side kick Doshi Chris who’s been by my side for anther year day in day out, I run out of superlatives to give this Gentleman really do.

Jonny for your tireless work in the dojo with the Warriors but more so for the work away from the dojo putting us out there yet again for communities award after award , being on the phone for me to bend your ear week in week out …

Onto the awards

I will start with a brand new award, given to someone who’s gone up and above what is expected someone who champions the club in the dojo and out without prompting this years Parent of the year award  Catherine Symons ( also thank you for the amazing Ksd Pictures you do throughout the year .

Most Attendance award

Matuesz Klaslo


Little warrior

Elisha Harris

Super samurais

Olly Harris


Ali Termany

Senior Igor Molchen

Re Starter of the year

Ava Coletrop

Little Warrior of the year


1st Asher Goldstone 2nd Liam Burnden Sebastian Gornisiewicz


1st Amilia Klaslo 2nd Milly Gifford 3rd Ava Powsney


Super Samurai of the year


1st Blake rosenthall 2nd Essa Yassen 3rd Huey Davis


1st Kate Hamblette 2nd Leah Royle 3rd Izzy Fryer


Cadet of the year 8th – 4th Kyu colour belt


1st Antosh Kaweki 2nd Josh walker 3rd Oliver Carter


1st Jess clarke 2nd Ava Cooper 3rd Rosie Billington


Senior of the year 8th – 4th kyu colour belt


1st Luke Schofield 2nd Pat Simm 3rd Matt Hay


1st Kira Osborne

Cadet of the year 3rd – 1st kyu Brown Belt




1st Olivia Holden 2nd Jolanta Lejina 3rd Mercedes Daley


Senior of the year 3rd – 1st kyu brown belt


1st Katie Royle 2nd Elisha Wright


Matuesz Klaslo

Cadet Black belt of the year


1st Bethany Castle 2nd Jess Muir

Senior Black Belt of the year


1st James Coletrop 2nd Mada Stanculescu 3rd Rick Baxter


1st Becky Page 2nd Mandy Kelly 3rd Darcie Griffiths

Daz – Do Tuesdays

Lindsay Derere Andy Muir Jonny Goldstone

Uke of the year

Mada Stanculescu


Courage award

Dan Walker


Chief instructors personal award

Ethan Abernathy Scott Baxter

James atter Craig Warren


Members vote member of the year

Jack Symons


Squad Badge award

Brad Kay , Jolanta Lejina , Celestre Macintyre . Olivia Holden , Maciej Klaslo


Ken Shu Dojo Instructors title

Senpai Matuesz Klaslo Katie Royle

Sensei Ashley Barber Mandy Kelly James Coletrup Brad Kay



Instructor of the year

Members vote Darren Barber

Sensei Daz awards - Ashley Barber

Student of the month

Little Warrior - Luca Lavin,   Super Samurai – Scott Baxter , Cadet – Dylan Kenyon , Sn Cadet – Katie Royle  , Senior – Rick Baxter 

End of year awards 


Well done to those Mambers who Graded 

9th Kyu Red Belts - Gareth Oakes , Rohan Adjum - 7th Kyus Jess Clarke & Igor Molchen  

Well were entering the last month of another year .. this month we see the Dojo's Birthday as we have been here in this one for 5 years wow ,, a full time Hombu Dojo , weve renewed the lease for another 3 years truly establishing our roots in Whitefield . 


Sensei Peter turton 5th dan Judo , myself & Sensei ken 6th dan Kempo , loved Super Sunday down the #KenShuDojo #Karatewhitefield#Karateprestwich #Karateradcliffe #Karatebury #KarateJutsumanchester

What a week and what a way to end it .. #SuperSunday was a fab day ..
#KsdLittleWarriors were amazing see post on the Like page! . #KsdMixedClass was a quality affair a real learning looking at the 3 basic defences and the ranges involved , most will not understand it to begin but non the less great work , We had a cracking line up of Senior Martial artists today , Sensei Ken Makin 6th Dan Kempo and Sensei Peter Turton 5th Dan Judo .. a fab session was taught by Sensei Pete following the theme of the 3 distances really enjoyable set that all present enjoyed , fab having you over Sensei Pete .. Chuckle of the Day Sensei James Coletrup and his face #pastey lol.. Awesome Sensei James took me back to the 90's and a Dan grade i was on in a similar state ;) .. awesome , Osu loved Super Sunday down the #KenShuDojo #Karatewhitefield #Karateprestwich #Karateradcliffe#Karatebury #KarateJutsumanchester



Last squad training session of 2017 - Squad training over for the year , well done to all who attended throughout the year , well done to all who competed , well done to those who placed ... but a huge thank you to your training partners and your coaches who give up there time forgoing there own training at times to get you ready to be all you can be ... roll on 2018 .. First comp 28th Jan .. Training done stop when the Turkeys on the Table 


Gradutaion from Little Warriors to Super Samurais , this is a Graduation we do free of any charge 

well doe to Connor Ghallager & Liam Smart now Red Belts 9th Kyus 




Little Warriors Grading Jasper Anderson Red Stripe #LittleWarriors ace work pal 


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