February 2018

Student of the Month 

Little Warriors - Jasper Anderson

Super Samurai - Kate Hablett

Cadet - Antosh Kaweki

Senior Cadet - Luke Schofield 

Senior - Patrick Simm   


Awesomeness work warriors fab grading , well done to

Thomas Dean Red stripe

 Jasper Anderson , Natan Rose , Amelia Gifford Yellow Stripe

 Olivia Reilly , Oscar Reilly , Jude McIntyre Orange Stripe

 Apollo Turner Green Stripe

.. awesome work iccle guys



Awesome grading down the #kenshudojo #karatewhitefield well done to all on your promotions today well deserved , 4 hours hard work.. proud of you all .. we ran a split grade Sensei Chris with Shidoin Jonny assisted by Sempai Katie did the 9th -7th kyus , myself Shidoin Mada and Sempai Beth did the 6th -4th kyus .. well done to Ali and Luke on your Outstanding Grade awards .. Osu !! See you all in class with those new belts , Hai
#Karate #Gradings #Achievement #KarateKids #KaratePrestwich#KarateRadcliffe #KarateUnsworth #KarateBury #AdultKarate

  • 9th Kyu - Hannah Cocicon - Bradley Tobias - Ellie Stubbs - 
  • 8th Kyu - Christian Billington - Lucy Hopkins
  • 7th Kyu  - Ali Termany ( outstanding Grade award ) - Nakita Molchan - Joseph Walker -Elliot Nielson 
  • 6th Kyu - Kate Hamblett 
  • 6th Kyu - Essa Yassen - Huey Davis - Josh Evans - Issabell Fryer - Leah Royle - Blake Rosenthall 
  • 4th Kyu - Luke Schofield ( Outsanding Grade Award )


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