Happy Birthday KSD

Happy Birthday Ksd  , yes we were 6 years old as a stand alone club on the 4th of June , we began the club with 4 founding fathers , Sensei's Daz & William & 2 Students Ryan Barber , Carl Bagshaw .. the word went out and on the 4th June 2010 our offical opening 11 members signed up and we grew from there , it has been an amazing 6 years with many challanges all over come to date :) ... weve training with some mazing Karate Sensei's in the Uk & over seas , many people have come through the Dojo doors some are still with us from Day 1, we have a couple of sayings at Ksd , 1 its real Karate for real People , 2 once a member always a member so you all know your welcome back any time , Here's to the next 6 years , lets see where we will be then . below are the group class pic taken on the night , Osu 

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