January 2017

Student of the Month 

LittleWarrior - Lucy Mounter 

Super Samurai - Blake Rosenthall 

Cadet - Jack Symons

Senior - Jonny Goldstone 


The first grade day of the new year a fab day well done to all , the Little Warriors up first  an early start at 09:30 , Imo it was one of the best warriors grades to date , well done guys 

1030 hrs was the time for the Kyu grades a fab performance by all members , 2 new Brown Belts Olivia & Jack 2 new 1st Kyus Mateusz & Katie huge next step for you guys .

well done to all . 

Kyu Grade 

8th Kyu - Ethan Anderson

6th Kyu - James Darlington

4th Kyu - Celestre Macintyre , Rhianna Greene

3rd Kyu - Olivia Holden , Jack Symons ( Distinction )

1st Kyu-  Mateusz Klaslo  , Katie Royle ( Distinction & Performance of the grade award ) 

Little Warriors Grade 

Yellow Stripe  - Nickita Molchan , Micha Goldstone  , Asha Goldstone

Orange Stripe -  Amilia Abenethy , Daniel Adams  

Blue  Stripe -  Christian Billington 

Purple Stripe - Scott Baxter , Chloe Baxter , Joseph Walker , Daniel Walker , Ethan Abenethy ( Performance of the grade award ) 


Happy New year to all our Members & Parents old Members & friends  ..

Remember Club re opens Jan 4th 

and were keeping our 4 classes free offer open to Beginners & New to Us Re Starters 

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