January 2018

Januarys Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Appolo Turner

Super Samurai - Ollie Harris 

Cadet - Jessica Clarke

Senior Cadet- Olivia Holden

Senior - Matt Hay


First Comp of the year we hit the ground  running 

Yesterday’s medal count from the WKC nationals , amazing medal count 3 Gold , 5 silver & 6 bronze across kumite kata and pairs combined .... amazing return considering the standard and the sheer numbers in all categories .. all our competitors did us and themselves proud today medal or not .. we’re a team Osu. 
All medallists are eligible to enter the WKC world championships as part of the England WKC team in October this years in the Uk , lucky hey guys . Entry’s need to be in as per your letter / invitation by March 1st .. don’t be dismissive this huge opportunity you’ve earnt . 
Sorry for the long day yesterday all thank you for your amazing support as parents and others well done to all in the team medal or not .. if it were your day yesterday you know only too well next time it may well be someone else’s .. so keep working hard and keep raising those standards .. on a personal note I saw a few things that concerned me but we learn as we go , I was called on to be. Kumite mirror judge and arbitrator been a long time since I did this . I was also asked to do some kata judging ( I am qualified in both ) wish now on reflection I would of as what some look for in kata others can’t see .. I will be addressing this and outing myself forward in the future .. thanks again proud of #teamksd ( couple of pics removed by request )


#TotalFitness has scrapped there #karate kids classes , any members wanting to continue there Karate journey are more than welcome here at KSD #Karatewhitefield #karateprestwich #karateradcliffe  only 2 min away on Victoria lane Whitefield .. I for one always loved getting on the cross trainer or treadmill and watch the classes there back in the day #shame total fitness loss is others gain come on down to our no contract no direct debit pay as you train Karate club ( regardless   of style all welcome ) ages 4-70

An amazing night with the Mayor of Bury coming

to vew our Little Warriors class , Super Samurais & Mixed family class 

#BuryCouncil #MayorOfBury #MayoressOfBury visits #KenShuDojo great night was had by all 
#KarateWhitefield #KaratePrestwich #KarateRadcliffe #KarateBury the Mayor & Consort was very impressed with you all #Respect #Discipline #KarateKids #AdultKarate  

A Huge Happy New Year to all Mambers , Parents and followers .

well done to all members who graded today 

9th kyus ( red belts ) 

Elaine He , Seth Walker , Charlotte Slater , Oliver Slater , Ben Shay , Louis Samuals , Eddie Shonn , Nathan Fryer ( Grade performance award winner ) , Zain Nasser . 

8th kyu ( yellow belt ) 

Luke Daye , Jasic Kumar , Somil Kumar , Seamus Ratchford , Lewis Weng , Charlie Walker 

7th kyu ( Orange belt ) 

Ava Coletrup , Oliver Carter ( Grade Perfomance Award Winner ).

6th kyu ( green belt ) 

Rosie Billington , Ewan Stott . 

5th kyu ( blue belt ) 

Ryan Anderson ( Grade Performance award winner )

3rd kyu ( brown belt 3 ) 

Celeste Mcintyre 

2nd kyu ( brown belt 2 ) 

Mercedes Daley 


Well done to those Little Warriors who graded .

Red Stripe - Albie Sweeney 

Yellow Stripe - Abbie Parkinson , Harry Pearson , Ava Powsney 

Orange Stripe - Sebastian  Gornisiewicz , Allan Parzbut , 

Green Stripe - Liam Burnden , Chase Fletcher , Emilia Klaslo

Blue Stripe  - Luca Lavin

Purple Stripe - Asher GoldStone ( Grade Performance award winner ) 


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