July 2016

Wow ,what a night down the Dojo , we had the pleasure of Soke Brian Walsh of Kempo Jutsu Kodai Ryu come and give a us a right treat , a nights awesome Kempo Jutsu , the turn out for what was a secret to begin ( more of that in a min ) was amazing all but a few seniors turning up to support the club when i said how important it was to me ( Sensei Daz ) , you See Soke Walsh has been retired for some years , he was Sensei Ken Makins instructor , when Soke Retired Sensei Ken began training with us and teaching a little , why us ? , well ive know Sensei Ken for over 23 years and he knows our Karate is honest , hence :) , anyway Ken's a Kempo Jutsu and were ShitoRyu - Shukokai , it was only fitting that Soke Walsh come and award the Grade of 6th Dan to Sensei Ken a richly deserved and long overdue one IMO .. a fab night was had by all .

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