July 2017




Well done to the following Student of the Month 

  • Senior - Rick Baxter 
  • Senior - Cadet Katie Royle 
  • Cadet - Jolanta Lejina 
  • Super Samurai - Isabelle Fryer 
  • Little Warrior - Liam Burnden 

Huge well done to the members who graded today 

  • 8th Kyu Yellow belts 
  • Igor Molchan
  • Oliver Carter 
  • Josh Walker 
  • 1st Kyu Assesment
  • James Atter  


Well done Thalia on your Red Belt 9th Kyu this evening awesome work young lady 


Little Warrior Grading 

  • Red Stripe , Natan Rose , Alan ParzyBut 
  • Yellow Stripe,  Appolo Turner Liam Burdan 
  • Blue Stripe , Daphna Rose 

Huge well done Little Guys 



Back from a great day at the WKC European Championships , the Ken Shu Do Karate Squad did themselves proud , Us Instructors were blown away with your heart determination and effort , we couldn't ask for no more of you on this day .
2 x Gold .
1 European Kumite 11 years champion Jack Symons 
2 European veterans ladies Kata champion Mandy Kelly 
3 x Silver medals 
1 James Coletrup 2nd place runner up Male Veterans kata 
2 Jolanta Lejina 2nd place runner up 13 years Kata 
3 Olivia Holden 2nd place runner up 11 years Girls Kumite 
4 x Bronze Medals 
1 Dylan Kenyon 3rd place 8 years old Kumite 
2 Dylan Kenyon 3rd place 8 years old Kata 
3 Matuesz Klaslo 3rd Place 17 yeas old Kumite 
4 Maciej Klaslo 3rd place 8 years old Kumite 
Your Katas were strong your Kumite awesome guys , Matuesz wasnt phased as we had to move him up a category from 14 to 17 years kumite , Katie had to move up in Kata .
have to give a mention to Katie and Malyssa who on the day put in amazing performances just missing out by ,1 coming 4th in pairs .. all you kumite guys were amazing , its fab when a stranger comes over from the crown and asked is that one of your Girls , yes its Katie , she is amazing a real credit to you .. wow , however your all a credit to us just nice to hear it from a stranger :) . Thanks you to Peter Lewis  for the invitation , thank you to Shidoin Mand for the lunch and coffee , thank you to Sensei Chris Castle  for the usual running about and coaching and Sensei  James Coletrup all the unseen jobs that without we have no squad .. so thank you guys , thank you to all at Ksd in the dojo pushing the squad members as without you they cant do as they do , Fab day with amazing people , last thanks is to the Parents and supporters on the day you guys are awesome #TeamKsd , love you all .

Grading Red Belts 9th Kyu 

well done to Jack Tottingham , Ava Bostock & Evie Potter 

The Ken Shu Dojo  annual Risk Assesment was done and signed off by our assoication 

WUKO NOC Compertition Warrington 

What a day , back from an awesome competition really busy one the NOC in Warrington Thanks to Orang Ranjbar for the invitation and thanks to all those officials who made it happen . Thanks to all who came to support us and partake , we arrived as a Squad and left as a Squad #Together The Standard throughout imo was very good and there isnt a Ksd Member who didnt do themselves and the club proud ( Medal no Medal no matter ) . The Squad consisted of Kata guys Sensei James , Shidoin Mandy ,Bethany , Katie Matuesz , Jack , Jolanta , Maciej & Dylan , amazing work all couple of 4th Places were achieved the amount competing in one section was 40 wow . 
Kumite guys were Shidoin Mandy , Katie , Matuesz , Jack , Olivia , Celeste , Maciej & Ryan . round after round after round resulted in some awesome matches managing 3 bronze Medals , Mandy , Katie & Maciej .. the whole squad are winners in my eyes just steppig into the arena and having a go be it Kata or Kumite awesome work all . Thanks to Sensei Chris for all the running ( making sure everyone is where there suppose to be on time ) thanks to Sensei James for the coaching , hard when we have 6 members on the matts beit 5 different matts at the same time hard graft that ! , thanks to all those members who stepped in to assist 

Gradings well done to Zoha Iqbal on her graduation from Little Warriors to Super Samurais , 9th Kyu now well done 

We got of to an amazing start with a Seminar run by Masataka Ohshita 9th Dan world chief Instructor for the Shito-Ryu Shukokai World Union , we were guests of Sensei Andrew Wilson " thank you for the Invitation Sensei " , a great day was had by all .

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