July 2018


Julys stydent of the month 

little warrior - jake nabb

super samurai - Ava harrison

cadet - jack symons 

senior cadet - luke schofield 

senior - matt hay 


Shabba Labba Dong Dong , how Busy was that Class this Morning wow ! .. 
Warriors a tad quiet but quality all the same , Thea got her first Karate Gi . always a special day that . love seeing the smiles on the faces of the Warriors of Whitefield when they exit class all really enjoying there time training , learning and having fun Thanks Sensei Ash and assistants Sempai Beth n Issy Wizzy 
Mixed class , it was grade day so it was shoulder to shoulder , a Kihon , combination & Kumite affair , all members put in a right shift , front two rows full of those taking there next Gradings of even there 1st ones , 7 members taking Red belt ksd 9th Kyus , awesome work guys 
Well done to Claire Gifford , Georgia Gore , Aaron Holt , Melody Holt , Aaron McDonnell Ryan McDonnell , Chukwu Nooso 9th Kyu Red Belts ..
Well done to Nathan Fryer 7th Kyu Orange Belt 
Well done to Kasey Gifford " who did very well as she wasnt well :( , get well soon kiddo & Lydia Gifford 6th Kyu GreenBelt
Well done to Igor Molchen , Jessica Clarke 5th Kyu Blue Belt 

Cracking day down the #kenShuDojo #KarateWhitefield #KarateBury
Thanks to Sensei James , Brad , Ashley , Shidoin Neil & Sempai Beth the for assistance , Osu

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing


We attended the WKC European championships again a fantastic standard that gets better every comp , the squad of 17 managed a medal haul of 8 gold , 6 Silver & 3 Bronze across 3 sections , Traditional Karate Kumite , Traditional Karate Kata & for the first time ever Traditional Karate Bo Staff

Kumite Gold , Sensei James ColeTrup , Celeste Mcintrye , Katie Royle & Jack Symons 

Kumite Silver , Ryan Anderson 

Kata Gold , Millie Coletrup , Kate Hamblett , Sensei Mandy Kelly , Sensei Brad Kay 

Kata Silver , Jack Symons , Isobell Fryer , Bethany Castle , Sensei James Coletrup 

Kata Bronze , Leah Royle , Kasey Gifford , Ave Coletrup 

Traditonal Weapons Bo Staff Kata , Silver Sensei Brad Kay 



Again we had i am famous photography for day 2 of the club photo shoot , thanks guys we had an attendance of 127 members support the event i am truly blown away by that thank you to all , a full media gallery will be posted soon , below is a sample  , the Gifford Family .

Well done to Oliie Harris & Harry Miller on there 7th Kyus Orange belts tonight 


We had i am famous photography down the dojo for a club photoshoot , thank you Steven for a fantastic night  , the turn out was fab , there back onWednesday for part two and were so looking forward to seeing the finished club photo with the whole club on one pic 

For pictures of the eve click > I Am Famous

an example of there work 


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