July 2019

Welcome to Julys news page 

Ken Shu Dojo Student of the Month 

Brian Schofield 

Julys Student League table winners 

Little Warriors Zac Mullen

Super Samurai - Ava Harrison 

Cadet - Ava Coletrup

Senior Cadet - Nathan Fryer

Senior Brian Schofield 

Village Gym Students of the Month , Amilia & Zayan 


Huge well done to those kyu grades who were invited to grade today were delighted to announce the following successful members passed 
9th kyu Milo 
8th kyu Cristian , Andy , Noah , Liam , Hannah , Jasper 
7th kyu Louis 
5th assessment as he’s already one Alex

Well done to all you guys awesome job

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Well done to these members who graded 21/7/19

After a 5 hour grading were delighted to announce the following 

3rd Kyu - Ava Coletrup  , Igor Molchen  , Jessica Clarke 

2nd Kyu -  Matt Hay , Patrick Simm , Leah Royle , Issy Fryer , Celestre Mcintyre , Ryan Anderson 

1st Kyu - Antos Kaweki 


Pre Dan Grade 

- Pre 1st Dan Dylan Kenyon , Pre 2nd dan , Dave Fraser , Neil Waldman , Beth Castle .Pre 3rd Dan Rebbeca Page 

well done guys there is work to do prior to Novembers big weekend but you all know whats required !! 

July 2019 were offering all new members the chance to train for Free 


we will also extend the offer to returning members wanting to rekindle that Karate love after  aprolonged break 

The Squad once again entered the WKC European Championships today , and the competition saw new faces and stiffer opersition for sure , a great day was had at a busy comp 

its was fantastic to see some of the younger members concering there Fears and not giving in , also the maturity handling some dissapointment ... 

the team went united as one and left united as one Team all happy with the Clubs over all results !! 

Bronze medals: Ali/Kata, Jess/Kata, Ava C/Kumite, Izzy/Kumite, Logan/Kata, Ava H/Kata

Silver medals: Darcie/Kumite, Logan/Kumite, Leah/Kata and Kumite, Kate /Kumite

Gold medals: Celeste/Kumite, Katie/Kata and Pairs Kata, Sensei James/Kata and Pairs Kata, Jack/Kata, Olivia/Kumite, Ryan/Kumite

8 Gold , 5 Silver , 6 Bronze 

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The true work of the martial arts is progress, not perfection.
Gene Dunn