June 2017

Students of the Month 

Little Warrior - Sebastian Gornisiewicz

Super Samurai - Lucy Hamblett 

Cadet- Antosh Kaweki

Senior - Cadet - Bethany Castle

Senior - Matt Hay

June is the clubs birthday month , this year we celibrated our 7th year as a stand alone club , in past years we have had a theme night here the whole club comes together , hoever ith the recent events in Manchester it just didnt feel right as a few of our younger members were friends with one of the young ladies who lost there lives :( , we took the decision to take class group pictures after every class and as you will see it was a fab week across all classes .  

As you can see we even had CAKE :) , nom nom thanks to Shidoin Mandy for that fab touch .

Well done to these members who graded 

9th Kyu graduation from the little warriors program 

Amilia Abenethy &  Christian Billington 


Red Belt 9th Kyu Seamus Ratchford 

Little Warriors 

Red Stripe - Sebastian  Gornisiewicz 

Red Stripe Thomas Cottam 

Yellow Stripe - Zoha Iqbal

Orange stripe - Luca Lavin

Little Warriors graduation 

when the Warriors come of age " 7 " they graduate into the Cadets / Super Samurais , well done guys .

Red Belt 9th Kyu , Lucy Mounter & Nakita Molchan 

June Kyu grade report and results 

Hotest day of the year had to be grade day ! , members taking yellow belt 8th Kyu  to Brown Belt 2nd kyu , all members presenting themselves in the right light , 4 parents sent home for the full Gi tops as we grade in full uniform . 

8th Kyu Yellow Belt , Ethan Abenethy , Savanha Winstanley , Louis Despard , Lucy Hamblet , Lena Weng 

7th Kyu Orange Belt , Isabell Fryer , Huey Davis , Leah Royle , Essa Yassen .

6th Kyu Green Belt , Luke Schofield 

5th Kyu Blue Belt , Antosh Kawecki .

4th Kyu Purple Belt , Ava Cooper 

2nd Kyu Brown Belt , Ethan Dawson .

well done to all .

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