June 2018

June's Student of the Month awards

Little Warriors - William Embury

Super Samurai- Blake Rosenthall

Cadet - Antos Kawecki

Senior Cadet - Luke Schofield

Senior - Sensei James Coletrup

Wow the Fellas ruled the roost in June , well done guys ... come on ladies dont let them guys take over

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This Morning We taught our fiorst class at the Village Gym Bury a fab class for the first session we look forward to many more we we're approached a while back as Sensei Daz is a member there , after checking all the paper work , DBS , Indemnity insurance , Public laibility , first aid , instrctors qualifications and proven Grades of Instructors today was the day , 7 students of various experience , Traditional Karate , Sports Karate , Freestyle karate & KickBoxing we're  asseses abd we are looking forward to a bright future with you all 


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Then onto the Honbu Dojo for a Private catch up grading conducted this afternoon — this grade was for those invited to grade last week but for legitimate reasons couldn’t make it — this is not ordinary and the first in Ksd history but as there were so many we felt it right in this stand alone case ... well done to 9th kyu red belts Zooba Butt , Matti Gordon & Ahmera Mayid , Yellow belts 8th kyu Daniel Adams & Adasola Oldopaola , green belt 6th kyu Nakita Molchen ... Zooba awarded performance of the grade award ... well done all 

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Little warriors of Whitefield awesome work guys 
Red stripes 
Maxwell roach , max kolanko , yousif mayid & wiliam emmbury 
Yellow stripe 
Jake nabb , Albie sweeney 
Orange stripe 
Jasper Anderson , Tyler Todd 
Green stripe 
Elisha Harris , Abbie Parkinson 
Blue stripe 
Thomas cottam , Apollo turner 
Purple stripe 
Liam burden

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Blimey what a day ... 
Today was grade day down the #Ken_Shu_Dojo
Thank you to Sensei James 4th Dan & Chris 3rd Dan for the assistance on this busy day , giving up your Saturday for the guys is amazing .
20 members Tested , 3 members didnt attend ( we know circumstances change soon be the next grade to jump on ) and 1 member had there Fee returned as it was a little too much for them , maybe next time kiddo :) ..
Well done guys 
9th Kyus Red Belts 
Jibran Butt , Danyal Butt, Amara Majid , Poppy Zivkovic , Harry Belshaw & Tony Downes .

8th Kyu Yellow Belts 
Gareth Oakes , Amber Hopkins , Bradley Tobias , Siaf Al Maloukh , Ibrahim Al Maloukh , Amr Al Maloukh 

7th Kyu Orange Belt 
Kuba Statchor & Lena Weng 

6th Kyu Green Belt 
Ava Coletrup
4th Kyu Purple belt
Huey Davis , Eesa Yassen , Joshua Evans , and Grade ratification Karl Zivkovic 
3rd Kyu Brown Belt 
Antosh Kaweki 

A fab day with lots of emotion , but that's how we know its worth it to you guys .


After a 2nd Meeting with the manegment of a national gym / lesuire chain were happy to say weve secured a position to teach KSD Karate to members of this exclusive high Gym chain , all details will follow on signing of the contract , we at Ksd are excited to get on board and look forward to a bright future .


Well done to those who graded 

Well done to William Carter , Ava Fielding & Maia Rycroft on your Red Belts 9th Kyu

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The club was 8 years old a huge thank you to all who attended a fab eve , thank you to all the parents who have supported us present and old  , all the members again present and old , and the  Instructors current and past ... were a real club and know only too well a clubs only as good as its members .

Sensei Daz 



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