June 2019

June is always a quiet one due to Half term , religious times and no Comps 

Not to say the members are not qorking hard they are !! 

Squad announcment 

Sensei daz stood down as chief Squad coach 

after a considrable sucsessful carear as a competitor stretching back to the Mid 80's and as a coach for the last 10 years the time came to pass on the batton 

the Squad coaches are 

Sensei James Coletrop Kumite 

Sensei Brad Kay Kata  

 Student of the Month
Little Warriors 
Male Jake N , Female Evie C 
Super Samurai 
Male Blake R , Female Chloe B 
Male Ryan A , Female Georgia G 
Senior Cadet 
Male Ali A , Female Olivia H
Male Daniel D , Female Rebecca P

Well done to those members who Graded

Little Warriors 

 Logan , Theo , , Benji , Evie C , Max G , , Elijah, Max K , Bryan , Zac , Evan M , Chloe , Albie , Toby , Rico , jake & Thomas 

Kyu Grades 

9th Kyu - William E 

8th Kyu - Dan D , Hannah H , Charlie M , Dante S 

6th Kyu - Georgia G


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