March 2017

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Jamie Gleaves 

Super Samurai - Huey Davis 

Cadet - Abbie Payne

Senior Cadet - Bethany Castle

Senior - Madalin Stanculescu 



Well Done Igor Molchan on the 9th Kyu Red belt tonight 


We took a small squad to the SSKA National kata championship over in Warrington , up against really tough Associations using the comp as a warm up for the WUKF European Championships in April .

I am so proud of the guys we put on a show most of the guys made the final rounds but as with everything the Game is always changing the judges are looking for something else these days , evolution thay call it , all show no go is my interpritation , anyhow we no where we need to be and we will be back so thansk for havinbg us Sensei Paul . we did manage a Silver in the Ind , Malyssa Payne doing really well with a Ksd strength kata :) , And Katie Royle getting a bronze ind , Katie had to do more than most as she tied for 3rd and had to get up again she was in tears but composed herself to pull of the victory awesome work .

The rest of the Team / Squad will be world beaters in time given the adjustments needed for the new game but we will still do it the KSD way ( real Karate for real people ) , we came a team we left as a team nobody at Ksd leaves early , Osu ! .

Sensei Daz  



Well done to all those who graded 

9th Kyu ( Red Belt ) Ava Coletrup " Graduation from Warriors .

9th Kyu - Kate Hamblett 

9th Kyu's - Joseph & Daniel Walker Graduation from Warriors 


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