May 2017


Well done Craig Warren on his Senior Red belt 9th Kyu 

Well done to Charlie Bostock on your 9th Kyu Red belt 

First Aid 

4 of the club instructors were due to renew there First Aid qualifications , Sensei Daz , Chris , Shidoins Jonny & Neil attended the Cobra Martial Arts First Aid for Sport course .

Well done to Chloe & Scott on there coming of age Graduation from Little Warriors to Full 9th Kyu's , Watch out Dad there gunning for ya ;)

Little Warriors 

Red Stripe - Oscar & Olivia Rielly , Eve Potter 

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior -  Christian Billington

Super Samurai - Leah Royle

Cadet - Luke Schofield

Senior Cadet - Katie Royle 

Senior Rebecca Page 

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