May 2018


Tonight we had the 1st two or 4 Dan Grade Speeches , as part of the Dan grading we have members prepare and read to class a speech , the content is all there own and can be based on anything Karate related , well done to Matuesz & Mada on there's this eve well delivered , well recieved and respected , thaks guys and thanks to all who did the Q&A after and who attended .  


Katie Royle and Darcie Griffiths put 2 fab Pre Dan grade speeches across to all present , well done guys 


Day 1 of our Dan Grade weekend , fab day and a graft of a shift put in by all , they left nothing in the tank during there Kihon & Kumite Sections , there was a fitness test to begin that caught them out but they soon settled down , well done on day one guys .


Day 2 of the Bi annual #kenshudojo #karatewhitefield #blackbelt grade began at 1030 concluding at 1600 hrs a full weekend testing physically and mentally all to destruction ... As there Sensei I am firm n fair but that aside so proud of all 4 , Madalin Stanculescu 2nd Dan , Darcie Ksd Griffiths Senior Shodan , Katie Royle Shodan & Mateusz Ksd Klaslo Shodan .. you left nothing in the tank .. a huge thank you to the panel who gave up there full weekend for you all , Sensei Ken , James Coletrup , Chris Ksd Castle and David Fraser and not forgetting Bethany Ksd Castle for today ... I need no thanking as I get pleasure in seeing you all progress in every walk of life and am proud to play a small part in yours ... enjoy your day relish in your results as tomorrow you begin training as Ksd Karate Black belts , #respect #Osu

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