May 2019

Well done to Mays Members of the Month 

Little Warrior - Zac Mullen , Issoblle Cole 

Super Samurai - Leah Royle - Christian Cullen 

Cadet - Dylan Kenyon - Logan Harrison 

Senior - Cadet Luke Schofield - Olivia Holden 

Senior - Catherine Symons , Broan Schofield  


Todays Kyu grading well done to all members who took 9th  - 4th Kyus 

9th Kyu , Evie  , Hubert , Peter , Julia & Alan 

8th Kyus , Brian , Catherine & Anton 

7th Kyus , Liam & Dennis 

6th Kyus , Sebsatian & Asher  

5th Kyus , Bradley & Daniel 

4th Kyus , Nathan , Scott , Chloe , Seamus & Luke 

Special mention to Catherine  , Brian and Dennis who excelled in every way 

but todays Grade outstanding awards were Liam & Chloe well done guys !! 


First Aid for Sport , some of use were due to renew so renew we did , a great course run By CMMA President Andrew Morrell 

well done to Brad Kay  , Ashley Barber , Sharon Barber , Jonathan Goldstone and Neil Waldman 


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