November 18

Huge Well donw to Novembers Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Maz Kolanko

Super Samurai - Georgia Gore  

Cadet - Ali Altermany 

Senior Cadet - Katie Royle 

Senior - Rebecca Page  

Village Gym Bury member - Vanessa Parma  


What a fantastic day the #Ken_Shu_Dojo Karate Squad had , Medals aside the way our guys conduct themselves is second to non , total sports through and very polite .

Sensei James , Brad and Myself were on refereeing / judging duties , but guys a huge thank you from me getting the squad upto a standard in there training and for stepping onto the Matt and leading the way also ...

The Samurai Challenge was a great competition ..

We have a rule , we arrive as a squad and leave when the last one is done United as one always !! ..

we took a squad of 19 , some seasoned Vets and novices

our medal counts is as follows

Gold - 7 , Silver 7 , Bronze 8

Gold 1 in team

Gold winners of the 5 man Samurai challenge

Jack Symons gold kata gold kumite

Dylan Kenyon silver kata

Ryan Anderson silver Kumite

Leah Royle bronze kata , bronze Kumite

Kate Hamblett silver kata

Ava Coletrup silver minute bronze kata

Issy Fryer bronze kata , bronze Kumite

Jess Clarke bronze kata

Ava Harrison gold kata

Bethany Castle silver kata

Logan Harison silver kata , gold kumite

Luke bronze Kumite

Katie Royle Gold Kumite

Olivia Holden bronze Kumite

Ali Altermany gold kata

Mandy Kelly gold kata

Brad Kay silver kata

James Coletrup gold kata

Team Kata - Darcie Griffiths & Katie Royle Gold

Samurai Challenge team event v Bushido Martial arts

Sensei James Coletrup , Sensei Brad Kay , Luke Schofield , Jack Symons & Ava Harrison Gold

The Team won 3-2 a real quality event that was and very close for sure .

A great day was had by all

Thank you to the usual supporters / parents and for the to be added Pics from Brian and Catherine .

Sensei Daz



#ken_shu_dojo #village_gym_bury_karate have the pleasure introducing our latest 9th kyu red belt Gracie Brain well done kiddo #achievement #karate ‬

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