November 2016

Its was Dan Grade day the Kuri Obi is the belt everyone wants when they first step into the dojo , trouble being not many make it as it takes years of dedication to achieve ..today we had 3 levels grading , 2 members going for 1st Dan "Shodan" the Black Belt the goal for most first entering the Dojo ! , a member going for 2nd Dan " Nidan " at this stage realising that Shodan is just a base for mastering the basics , a member also taking 3rd Dan " Sandan " a real achievment in Traditional Karate , we Adhere to the old age system of Junior Dan till 16 then Senior . after a 7 hour grading were pleased to announce the following members who achieved there goals .


3rd Dan Sensei Chris Castle 

2nd Dan Shidoin Rebecca Page 

1st Dan Darcie Griffiths & Bethany Castle 


Student of the Month 

Seniors - Madalin Stanculescu

Cadet - Elisha Wright 

Super Samurai - James Darlington

Little Warrior - Christian Billington

Awesome work guys keep it up 


Huge Well done to Leah & Savannah on there 9th Kyu Red Belts today 




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