November 2022

What a Month !

Ksd Dan Grade the Kuri Obi

we've had 1st - 4th Degree

Our Grades are a full weekend affair consisting of around 11 hours and all members are required to keep on going there is no sit down n wait they all Grade as one , there are differing levels of requirements 1st dan all syllabus , 2nd show us what you have learnt in pairs , 3rd n above demonstrate a deeper understanding .

we have a panel grade and one caller keeping the pace of the grades constant , the panel is 3-5 senior Karateka i say Karateka and not stylistic as since 2010 Sensei Ken Makin 7th Dan Kempo has been an integral part of Ksd Karate Shito Ryu Shukokai ..

this month we've had the most ever members taking Dan grades and some that were not quiet ready will be due next time

what i can say about these 13 members .

4th Degree

Sensei Chris

An asset to Ksd , having taken his Shodan as a child he re-joined Ksd with his daughter and wife in 2011 , Chris sensei has overcome some real challenges due to ill health " wont go into " but please be assured where hes at now can inspire anyone who say it cant be done .

Sensei Lindsay

For me epitomises what a Karateka is all about , Lindsay has it all hes been training with me since 2013 many could learn from Sensei from Gi folding to work ethic he has it in abundance .

3rd Dan

Sensei Dave

A 1970 Karateka and Shodan with he SKU a real old school karateka who keeps every one in check, his mannerisms are old school also but at the correct time n place and he knows when n where to say it how it is , Sensei is 68 years old and hes a physical inspiration to us all as hes like a 30 year old in his training in Karate and Karatabata hes an asset to us at KSD .

Sensei Bethany

Ive seen Beth Grow she joined us with Mum N Dad , she overcame every challenge thrown at her , we secretly call her the " Karate Encyclopaedia " she is a sponge , Beth i as a respected member of the Dojo and competitive circuit , Beth for me is an example of never giving up , her competitive career defines that comment , she did comps for years and in the first year did well then had a Lull of many years not a medal but continued as part of the ksd karate squad , i remember fondly and emotionally after many years she placed again and the tears .. many can learn from this , keep on going guys working hard and your achievements will come .

Sensei Madalin

Mada came to us at Ksd around the end of 2013 a native of Romania where he trained Shotokan with SKIF and Kanazawa Sensei , Mada was a 5th Kyu at that time , but his experience and quality were way ahead of that grade , he progressed through the Grades Browns 1st Dan 2nd dan and was a popular figure and instructor at the club till work took him away , he returned and has worked hard at the club continuing his journey with us , i took great pleasure in continuing his Ksd Dan Grade progression .

2nd Dan


One of our Babies a Little Warrior he began in that program , Dylan has always work hard at his Karate and has achieved many an award and placed competitively on the scene , hes a popular member of the club , when lock down arrived he lost focus a little but did the zoom classes when we reopened he returned with a clear focus he got his head down and worked so hard to where he is once more .

1st Dan


What can i say about our strong man , Jeeeeps hes a beast Igor brought his Son to ksd and had no intention of partaking , he asked me one day if he could join in and of course the answer was yes , Igor is a ever present at the club our beast from Belarus as we affectionally call him .


Matt has the Heart of a Valentine , the courage of a Lion , and the strength of a bulldozer , and when needed the touch of a saint , Matt is becoming a huge part of the ksd team , hes been with us for many years , at times more than we recall , going about his business of Karate never once complained about how long it takes to grade to Black just getting on with his Journey.


a young man from Kuwait , hes been with KSD a good many years now and ive seen him grow from child to young man , Ali has it all , respect , hard working , willing to listen / learn , he is a karate sponge , hes an asset to anyone who knows him and there life's are brighter for him being in it .


The reluctant Karateka , reluctant as it wasnt something he considered , he came with mum to watch Sis , and for many months sat in the corner sleeping , till one day he was convinced to give it a go , he did sleep thorough a class or two while in line but soon realised he had to wake up n move , he progressed and here we are , Nathan is becoming a Natural leader at ksd a future teacher for sure we just need him to realise his worth .


Nathan Sis

Another of our Little Warrior Babies , joining us as a young one progressing through the ranks to Cadets and now a Black belt , ive seen Issy Grow and have made many a Suggestive comment of what i require to go further and develop to aid Karate and Life , in the last 3 months these have shone trough and its been a please to witness .


Kate came to Ksd as her friends were attending and like most along the journey people leave , well as Kate's friends left she carried on making new bonds and friendships in Karate , Kate is a Natural Karateka a rare thing , her technical ability is fantastic , her communication super , Kate is a asset and we look forward to an amazing Karate future locally , Nationally and beyond ,


Another Baby of the Ksd Little Warriors program .

Never easy being the Daughter of a club Sensei , Ava is a Very popular member of KSD and for me a future instructor and captain of the Squad , Ava Listens and applies she knows her strengths and weaknesses and is willing to work on both a rare thing .

Ive loved seeing you all grow ive loved being a part of your journey , i am so proud of you all , your rewards this month are totally worthy of the effort you have put in over the years , i look forward to having a continued Karate relationship with you all for many years ahead.

Sensei Daz

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