October 2016


Student of the month 

Little Warrior - Kuba Statchor 

Cadet - Jolanta Lejina 

Senior - Andy Muir 

Well done guys only one more month till the end of years awards eve .


What a day ... had its ups & downs , mistakes & tears ! , but all the guys pushed through , the day began at 10:30 with the mixed class , the class was grading content as 11 kyu grades were testing , Pad work & Kumite theme ! ... well done everyone cracking class , 1130 the Warriors arrived a quick warm up and away we went again ! , the Kyu grades were at the back warriors at the front well done to all those little warriors who gained there next belts awesome work guys ! . , the Kyu grades continued on and after 4 hrs 30 mins we were done , you know we ask a lot doing such long grades , but we give nothing away at #KsdKarate , all gradings are earnt today we had 8th kyu ( yellow Betls to 2nd Kyu Brown ) , huge well done to JamesParkinson & Chris Blyth on there best performance of the grading award ... it was a day and a half for sure but one all you members should be proud of . thanks to the Castle / Kelly Family :) for the help as usual you guys were your usual selves awesome ..

Little Warriors

little warriors grade yellow - brown stripe

Micha & Asha Goldstone

Ollie Harris

  • Red Stripe - Micha Goldstone , Asha Goldstone  , Ollie Harris 
  • Yellow Stripe - Daniel Adams , Amilia Abenethy , Iliza Holden , Isabella Holden   
  • Orange Stripe - Harrison Allcock
  • Green Stripe -
  • Blue Stripe - Ethan Abenethy , Chloe Baxter , Scott Baxter , Daniel Walker ,Joseph Walker 
  • Brown Stripe 1  , Louis Fergerson , Issabell Freya , Huey Davis , Eesa Yassen  James Parkinson 
  • Kyu Gradings

Kyu grade ksd karate oct 16

Roxanne Holden

  • 9th Kyu Red Belt , Roxanne Holden 
  • 8th kyu  Yellow Belt  - Lydia Gifford , Casey Gifford , Luke Schofield 
  • 7th kyu Orange Belt -  Antosh Kawecki 
  • 6th Kyu Green Belt  - Chris Blyth , William Elder , Kira Osborne 
  • 5th Kyu Blue Belt - Dylan Kenyon
  • 4th Kyu Assesment Katrina Walmsley ( 1st Kyu Freestyle Karate ) on the ksd assement program 
  • 2nd Kyu Broen Belt - Nicole Kulis , Joanne Parkes 

Ksd Karate ran its first ever club comp on the 2nd oct , we ran a Kata , Kihon & Kumite comp a great day was had by all and a full report will follow well done to all who took part .

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