September 17

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Emilia Klaslo 

Super Samurai - Blake Rosenthal 

Cadet - Dylan Kenyon & Jack Symons 

Senior Cadet - Mateusz Klaslo & Olivia Holden

Senior - Katie Royle & Bethany Castle 

** Not usually joint winners however these guys have had an amazing Month down the Dojo and out of it it was hard to split them** 


Couple of members of the club & Sensei Daz wife did the Memory walk in aid of Alzheimer's & Dementure today , so proud of them raising monies for a cause so dear to Sharon " Sensei's Wife " .. As her Granmother & Mum sadly suffered from it :( , Well done Sensei Becks & Shidoin Ash , and Harley Scraps the Ksd Dog :)


Well done Adam Yacob on your Red Belt 9th Kyu 


Well to Adasola Odepolo 9th Kyu Red Belt 


We were invted to the Shito Ryu Shukokai World Union Seminar in Marburg Germay hosted By Sensei Paul Gruber , and Taught by Sensei Thomas Geiger Shihan & MaSataka Oshita Hanshi 9th Dan , As recent affilaites to the Union it was a honor to be allowed and to witness the Shihan Award to Sensei Thomas , 3 training sessions over 7 hours took place , lots of new frienships weer forged during training and at the night time dinner , we came away wanting more a real hunger , thank you to all for having us .


Fsk Nationals

The Ken Shu Dojo Karate squad attended the FSK Open in Urmston not a huge squad today few regulars missing, a very well run comp IMO ..

An awesome performance from the squad all coming away with well earnt medals “more of that to follow “,, .

We have a rule at Ken Shu Dojo Traditional Karate, we arrive together and we leave together at all comps no exceptions, a rule that’s taken serious and is always abided by.

Thank you to all those who supported the club today, the Parents & Darcie, the competitors and the coaches amazing every one of you.

Thanks to Shidoin Mandy for the refreshments, nom nom …

Our Medal Haul was 2 x Gold  4 x Silver  7 x Bronze

Amazing result from the squad, in the face of real stiff opposition the standard was really high   so proud of the all .

1 – 2 – 3 KSD !!!

Fab meeting Dave Morris , Ronnie Green , Steve Powell , Peter Lewis And Ken Wylson    

For all pics refer to our Gallery page 


James Parkinson Graduation form Little Warrior to Super Samurai , 9th Kyu Red Belt 

Harrison Allcock Graduation from Little Warriors to Super Samurai , 9th Kyu Red belt ..

11/9/17 Little Warriors Grade
Red Stripe Eylisia Harris
Yellow Stripe Emilia Klaslo , Thomas Cotton
Orange Stripe Chase Fletcher
Green Stripe Asha Goldstone
Blue Stripe Daniel Adams
Well done guys

Well done to those members who graded today 10/9/2017 

Amazing Grading today , 5.5 hours of solid graft , not one member disapointing the grade panel , the panel consisting of Sensei Daz 5th Dan , Sensei James 4th Dan & Sensei Chris 3rd Dan .. our expectations are always high so well done to our New 8th Kyus , Jess Clarke Elliot Nielson , Kuba Statchor & Ava Coletrup .. 6th Kyus Blake Rosenthall , Colleen Langan , Josh Evans & Ryan Anderson , 4th Kyus , Dave Rose , Matthew Hay , Christopher Blyth & Jamall Begg .
3rd Kyu , Dylan Kenyon , Maciej Klaslo & Jolanta Lejina ( outstanding grade performance award wit a score of 80% ) . 2nd Kyu , Jack Symons & Olivia Holden .. awesome work well proud of you all .


Meet our Brand new Senior Grades 3rd Kyus , 

Dylan , Maciej & Jolanta 

After a lenghty vetting process were delighted to announce our affiliation has been approved and were now members of the 

Shito Ryu Shukokai World Union 


Well done to those members who graded 

Gemma and Emily Broadhurst red belt 9th kyu 

Christopher Coulborn , Luke Daye 

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