September 2018

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior Liam Burden

Super Samurai Issy Fryer

Cadet Jack Symons

Senior Cadet Katie Royle

Senior Dennis Kay

What a comp that was down the #Ken_Shu_Dojo #Karate_Whitefield 
Well done to all who took part your all winners 
Little Warriors .... 
Harry P , William E , Jasper A , Thomas C , Thea C , Jake B & Liam B
Was a 1st comp for all was so proud watching all try your best 
Kihon - 1st place Liam Burden , 2nd Harry Pearson , 3rd Thomas Cottam 
Kata - 1st place Liam Burden , 2nd Jasper Anderson, 3rd Thea .
Kumite - 1st place Liam Burnden, 2nd Happy Pearson, 3rd William Embury
Little Warriors Champ of the day Liam Burden 
Super Samurais 

Issy , Ava , Leah , Sebastian , Ava H , Kate H , Huey D , Daniel A , Asher G 

Kihon - 1st place Ava Harrison , 2nd Kate Hamblett, 3rd Huey TaylorDavis 
Kata - 1st place Ava Harrison , 2nd Kate Hamblett , 3rd Joint  Issy Hart Fryer & Leah Royle 
Kumite - 1st place Asher Goldstone , 2nd Leah Royle , 3rd Kate Hamblett 
Super Samurai Champ of the day Leah Royle 

Nathan F , Ali T , Logan H, Jack S , Jess C, Seamus R , Ryan A , Essa Y , Dylan K 

Kihon - 1st place Jack Symons , 2nd Dylan Kenyon , 3rd Ryan Anderson
Kata - 1st place Dylan Kenyon , 2nd Jack Symons , 3rd Jess Gee Clarke 
Kumite - 1st place Jack Symons , 2nd Ali Teramany , 3rd Logan Harrison 
Cadet Champion of the day Jack Symons 
Senior Cadet 

Darcie G , Bethany C , Luke S , Katie R , Mercedes D 

Kihon - 1st place Joint , Katie Royle Luke Schofield , 2nd Joint Darcie Griffiths Bethany Castle , 3rd Mercedes Daley
Kata - 1st place Luke Schofield, 2nd Bethany Castle , 3rd Katie Royle .
Kumite - 1st place Katie Royle , 2nd Bethany Castle , 3rd Luke Schofield 
 Senior Cadet Champ of the day Katie Royle 
Pairs Kata 
1st place Katie Royle & Darcie Griffiths , 2nd Mandy Kelly & Bethany Castle , 3rd James Coletrup & Brad Brad Kay

2018 over all Ken Shu dojo Grand Champion Katie Royle 
Huge thanks to the Team on the day , Head Judge Sensei James , Brad , Mada n Mandy and a Guest appearance from Andy Muir ... Admin and reception duties Ashley Elizabeth Barber
Photographers Catherine Dawson Symons & Brian Schofield 
Plus all the amazing parents 
an amazing day down the #Ken_Shu_Dojo #Karate_Whitefield

Student of the Month 

Village Gym Member James Dunbar 

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Kyu Grading 

Huge well done to those who graded today was one of the best standards ive seen in a long time ..
Grade was split into two 9th - 7th kyus & 6th - 1st kyus 
9th Kyu - Red Belt - Jessica Hardy , Dennis Kay 
8th Kyu - Yellow Belt - Seth Walker , Asher Goldstone 
7th Kyu - Orange Belt - Bradley Tobias 
( Outstanding grade certificate went to Jess well done ) 
6th Kyu - Green Belt - Joseph Walker , Oliver Cater , Elliot Neilsen , Scott Baxter, Chloe Baxter , Luke Daye .
5th Kyu - Blue Belt - Joshua Walker , Ali Termaney 
4th Kyu - Purple Belt - Kate Hamblett 
3rd Kyu - Brown Belt - Luke Schofield , Mathew Hey 
1st Kyu - Brown Belt - Dylan Kenyon 
( Outstanding grade certificate Matt Hey ) 
to sum up , you all did amazing so pleased and proud of you all .
Sensei Daz

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Little Warriors Grading  

Red stripe Theo Barber 
Yellow stripe Maxwell Roach , Mason Fletcher , William Embury 
Orange stripe Evie Chambers , Jake Nabb , Thomas Dean  

Green Stripe Harry Pearson , Jasper Anderson 
Purple Stripe Thomas Cottam , Chase Fletcher 


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Fsk Grand Championship 2018 
Well done to all Ken Shu Dojo competitors who took part in today’s competition , from the season vets to the novices .. you did yourselves and the Club proud ! .
Myself was judging Kata , and Sensei James and Brad were asked to run the Kumite section as the usual referee isn’t feeling so good ( get well soon ) , my guys were more than upto the task .
Thanks Sensei Mandy for sorting all the paper work .
Thanks to all the parents for supporting us from start to finish and our unofficial official photographer we arrived as a team and left as one “ totally United “ .
We had Blood n Tears , some outstanding Kumite match ups some fierce kata competitors so proud of you all medal or not 
8 Gold – 9 Silver – 4 Bronze 


Gold Medals - Sensei James Coletrup   Vets  , Sensei Mandy Kelly  Vets  , Bethany Gold , Logan Harrison , Jack Symons , Bethany Castle 

Silver medal - Ava Coletrup , Jess Clarke , Dylan Kenyon , Luke Schofield 

Bronze Medals - Kate Hamblett , 


Gold Medals - Olivia Holden , Jack Symons , 

Silver Medals - Katie Royle , Ryan Anderson ,  Ava Harrison , Luke Schofield ,  

Bronze Medals - Leah Royle , Kate Hamblett , Ava Harrison  

Logan Harrison  and Beth Castle exabition match,  logan silver.   

Thank you to Peter Lewis and John Robertson for a fab comp 
Sensei Daz

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New  ken shu dojo traditional karate academy time table 

Monday - Little Warriors 610 - 645 pm, Mixed class 7 - 8 pm Seniors only 810 - 930 pm 
Tuesday - Karatabata 645-745 pm , Senior karate licence members only 750 - 9 pm .
Wednesday - Little Warriors 610-645 pm, Mixed class 7 - 8 pm seniors 810-920 pm 
Thursday - 7 - 8 pm Mixed class, 810-930 pm Seniors 
Friday news to follow
Saturday 1015 village gym bury ( Gym members only )
Sunday Little Warriors /Super Samurais 10;00 - 1045 Am , Mixed class 1050 - 1150 am.
Key - ( Little Warrior aged 4-7 , Super Samurais is a cadet and is welcome in all mixed classes but aged 7-11 , Mixed class is open to all including families , Seniors aged 14+ )

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