September 2019

Student of the Month 

Village Gym - Noah Hardy , Kajal Patel 

Ken Shu Dojo - Katie Royle 

KSD Leauge Table 

Little Warrior 1st place - Emily Symons  , Runner up Zak Mullen 

Super Samurai 1st place - Ava Harrison runner up Asher Goldstone 

Cadet 1st place - Kate Hamblett , runner up Leah Royle 

Snr Cadet 1st place - Katie Royle , runner up Nathan Fryer 

Senior 1st place - Luke Schofiield , runner up Igor Mlchan  



What a fantastic days Grading down the #Ken_Shu_Dojo #Karate_Whitefield
1st up 3 awesome Little Warriors taking Orange Stripe !!
Well done to
Mason , Thea & issobelle ..
Onto the main Kyu Grade and before i name names can i say that Me and Sensei James agreed that the standard of todays Grading was right up there as one of the best ever at KSD !!
so well done to
9th Kyu , Adam & James
8th Kyu , Laura & Julia
7th Kyu Catherine , Harry & Brian
6th Kyu Dennis , & Liam
5th Kyu Asher , Georgia , Sebastian , Seth
4th Kyu Daniel
3rd Kyu Ali
2nd Kyu Kate & Dan
1st Kyu Joe & Luke
Well done to Brian and Luke on your Grade Performance certificates , and to all members who achieved Distinctions & Merits .
Thank you to Sensei James and Becks , Shidoin Jonny , sempai Jack & Matt , for giving up your Sunday


Today the #Ken_Shu_Dojo Karate Squad competed at the FSK Nationals...

Sensei James and Brad leading the squad into there respective disciplines !! , they were both again asked to run the Kumite side with Katie and Darcy as Table officials !!

i am sure the Squad fully appropriate your sacrifices ..

My Self Part of the Kata Judging ...

The Team are proud of all your individual efforts ..

Kumite we had 11 members partake achieving 11 medals , 4 gold , 4 silver 3 bronze ...

Kata we had 9 partake achieving 9 medals , 5 gold , 3 silver, 1 Bronze ..

So collectively a small squad by our standards of 18 combined earnt

9 gold , 7 silver , 4 bronze ..

hell of a day and achievement ..

Thank you Coaches , Squad and parents ...

Were of the a fab start all members getting back into that training routine after a summer of fun ! 

Well done to those Little Warriors who graded 

red stripe

- Ella Bird 

yellow stripe  

- Emily Symons 

Orange stripe 


Green Stripe 

- Mason Fletcher  , Kaya & Elvie Taylor 


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