Hi Sensei Daz, I know that you have been inundated with messages so thought that I would give it a couple of days. I was a bit hesitant about coming back into the dojo at first but I think that everything you have put in place is amazing and above and beyond and makes me feel safe every time that I come to karate. I won't be cancelling my classes until we have to go into national lockdown as I think that karate is more important now than ever. I just wish that you were able to stay open on the basis that you are completely covid compliant above and beyond!

Lockdown 2 Covid safe at the Ken Shu Dojo

Awesome preparation from a Sensei who truly cares about the students and their welfare.... the Karate instruction is second to NONE

A response to the safety measures we have in place Post Covid

Hi Daz,
Just wanted to say thanks to you and the team. I will admit to being nervous about the kids returning to class but you've done a great job of getting everything put into place safely - I know it can't have been easy!

The boys loved it tonight and can't wait for the next class.

I have just booked the rest of their sessions for August

Nervous Parents post Covid

The embodiment of old school Karateka utilising the spirit of Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa, Japan), mixed with a modern approach exists in the Ken Shu Do Karate Dojo. The success of this Dojo is due to the hard work of Sensei Daz Barber 6th Dan and his vision to pass on his knowledge and experiences to new generations (and old ones). The Dojo covers all aspect of Kihon, Kata, Kumite, & Conditioning with a major focus on Dojo Kun (respect). A must go destination for your children to understand & learn respect, self defense and discipline, and adults to to train in a professional environment that aims to show true martial arts. KSD Karate Club in a not for profit organisation (not like many Mcdojo's), whose mission is to provide a place to go in the heart of the community for people to go.

Honest Karate Club

If your Looking for a good honest karate club That have a genuine Love for The art and what They do Then do yourself a favour and get on over To ksd you wont be sorry .


Great environment and perfect for anyone who's determined, focused and willing to put in there all to get as much as possible. Great teaching staff and always a laugh perfect for anyone new to the sport or of a senior grade.

Thank you so much

Excellent friendly people and very knowledgeable

5 star review

Vary nice place for kids to learn self defence and karate, staff is very nice and helpfull. Prices are also affordable , if i compare it with other local karate centre then this one is cheap in prices. My kids learn alot from here.

5 star review

You guys deserve a medal for the way you have taken the club and all us members through this pandemic. The regular live lessons, homework, members content have kept us all fit, active and sane. You have made our enforced lockdown so much more bearable. I can’t thank you enough.

Lockdown comment from a member

Hi Darren, I'm so sorry we have not been for a couple of weeks. It is with a heavy, sad heart I am letting you know that "J" is unable to attend anymore. We have recently moved to Rossendale, the commute to KSD is proving difficult and tiring to Jasper especially in the evening where traffic is just crazy. You have all given Jasper the passion for karate (special thanks to you, Brad, Jonny and Ashley) which I am confident he will keep on learning and doing all his life.You have given him the achievements that he is so incredibly proud of (me too!) He came to you shy and quiet little man and leaves confident,proud with a passion for karate...what more could a parent ask for! The thing that has always struck me with ksd is you are one big family,the respect you have for one another is amazing and I can't thank you enough for welcoming and showing my boy (and me) how important and how special respect is for one another. We would love it if we could pop in one last time as we would like to say an individual thank you to everyone. Thank you for everything Darren, you are all truly amazing and your passion shines through. "J " and "J"

Some Parting words from a Parent who has moved away

Hey Sensi Daz, I know it has literally been 3 years since you heard from me but after seeing your posts recently, it has made me realise how much I love karate (yes, still love, present tense). I miss the club so much and even though I'm in Ireland the next 2 1/2 years to finish my degree, part of me still wishes I could come to the club and attend training like I use to. Maybe one day I would love to return to karate like I kind of use to if I would be able to come back? I am so grateful that I took up karate because I have actually had to use it during my time at uni, while technique wasn't perfect and I was very rusty, it worked and I am so grateful for having had karate. . I have had the chance to take it up at uni but haven't done so, KSD is where I learned karate and in my heart, it will always staying that way. One thing karate taught me and is something I have applied is get knocked down 10 times, rise 11. I remember doing that when Eric knocked me down continually times and I chose to rise each time, that lesson helped me get to uni when my nana died and I chose to not give up and get the grades to got to Ireland. Thank you for instilling those lessons into me that have made me into the nearly 20 year old that I am. I wish you and the club all the best in 2020 and wish to one day take up karate again in your dojo. OOOOUUUUUSSSSS 

Blown away

Cant recommend this place enough! my daughter loves going here...its fun and not too strict for the younger ones. alot of my friends have complained about taking their kids to other karate places and its too strict , i always recommned ken shu dojo in whitefield 

Little warriors parent

Great team, amazing club!

Thank you for your support and the opportunity to re-discover something I love!... albeit ever so slightly rusty

Adult Re Starting Karate

KSD have  the perfect balance of enjoyment and development for all  My Child  thoroughly enjoys his classes with Sensei Daz and the  team

Whenever I talk about karate to other parents, family etc, I always say I don't know anyone as passionate about what they do as you are. You live and breathe that dojo

Parent of a Cadet

Imagine having the full attention of Sensei Daz with the benefit of all that experience. Where else can you get that opportunity?

I've had the privilege of attending private lessons with my boys, and found them to be exceptional value.

a member after a private lesson

KSD have found the perfect balance of enjoyment and development for all attendees. My son thoroughly enjoys his classes with Sensei Daz and his team.


Village Gym Bury Parent

“ Just a thank you from us for this afternoon, having you, Brad and James there for ************* was awesome mate, a lot of others would have just left club members to their own devices but the fact that you gave up your day to be there for them all shows that regardless of the outcome of the weekend, they’re all winners with you guys in charge no shadow of a doubt.”

WKC World Championships parents thanking us for spending the day at registration waiting for all to arrive at different times due to work etc

Hi just wanted to tell you My Son came home just now and said he loves karate couldn’t wait to show me what he’s been doing, thank you it’s so good to see him like this , also how does he get involved in the competitions they look fantastic

Parent of a Cadet

Jo Writes 

Apparently some older boy at school today wraped a scarf around my sons  neck but he used his karate/self def skills to turn around, get out of it & shove the kid away. U should be proud Sensei Daz n Ashley 

Never known such a kind, helpful & welcoming group. Cant rate these guys highly enough. Such dedication. Just fantastic.

Parent of a Super Samurai

Amazing friendly and caring club I could not recommend and speak highly enough about this place my daughter has been attending KSD for nearly 4 years now and has gone from a shy not so confident little girl into an amazing young lady she has worked hard with the help of all the fantastic instructors who have lead her on the path to become great . This club is like her second family her journey has only just begun and she couldn’t have achieved what she has up to now without the caring, loyal , respectful instructors and members of this karate club.

A thank you from a Proud Parent

Got to say Sensei Daz tonight was something special in your little cave of learning. I know I may not always look like I’m watching exactly what’s going on but I am always taking in what’s happening. Tonight was something I’m going to struggle to put into words. Nothing extraordinary happened but that’s the point really. To the most insignificant detail of the most eager student to those whose attention wanders, every single one of your students put in a shift all lesson. Then there was the instructors. There was a glint in Ashley’s eye, Mandy was doing what she does best, brad was barking his instructions, madda had his sprogs fully focused, johnny was a real credit to himself and the club. I know I’m no karate expert but there was something in there tonight which encapsulated the club for me. It honestly was an absolute pleasure to see and also a continued reminder as to how lucky we, you, the club all are. Sometimes the understated, less glamorous times have the ability to showcase the club in all it’s glory. Be proud of what you have and have achieved in there. I am certainly proud to have my son a part of it all.

Parents observations of tonights class

Just a quick message to also say that me and their dad Colin are so grateful for all of the help and confidence you have given Charlotte since she started. She wanted to learn karate because she had a bully at school and wanted to be able to stand up for herself. On Friday at school after trying to ignore the bully all day, she managed to stand up for herself when he kept pushing into her and her friends so a massive thank you to you all for helping her x

Ksd is Anti Bullying , awesome work Charlotte


I just wanted to contact you to say what a great club ksd karate in Whitefield is. My daughter 6 goes twice a week and really enjoys it. I've been to and seen a few clubs in the past, none of them come close to the quality, organisation, class planning, variation of techniques, attitude of the instructors. They have such a Google teaching style for the young ones. Every lesson is different. I wish there was a club this good when I was young . Kind regards


At 42 and not at my fittest I was nervous of doing something I haven't done for 27 years... those nerves disappeared within minutes of meeting a lovely bunch of people. Train at your own pace, well supported and you feel great afterwards. Would recommend to all xx

Louise S

This karate school is more like an extended family, and very welcoming to new members. The classes are well thought out, and well supported by senior grades. All senior grades are approachable, knowledgeable and helpful; especially the chief instructor who takes an interest in everyone and their development.

Classes are made to be engaging and relevant to your self defence and are never dull.

Anti bullying features highly in the ethos of the school. It is not just frowned upon, it is detested.

I find this an excellent place to challenge and develop myself. I feel that anyone would thrive in this environment.

As well as being a student at this school, my kids have been attending for 2 and a half years and still love it.

One of our Seniors members and a Parent of two Cadets

A message from the Mayor and Consort 

Thanks so much for your e-mail and the photos which I will forward to the Mayor.


The Mayor and Consort also thoroughly enjoyed their inspirational visit to you.  They thought it was a great Club and that the youngsters are a credit to you.  They were so pleased to meet you all and thank you for inviting them to join you.


With best wishes and very kind regards.


Audrey French (Mrs)
PA to Mayoralty 
Bury Council Mayor's Office 
Town Hall, Knowsley Street, Bury, BL9 0SW

Mayoress of Bury Visit

Hi Darren I just wanted to say a massive thank you for last night with My Son he really enjoyed it once he got into it. It just shows what fantastic instructors and helpers that you have and each one are a credit to yourself and the world of sport. Thank you x

We love doing what we do

Thank you all for today We think its fantastic all the hard work you all put in and you can see how much you clearly enjoy karate & teaching  it to others , After a competition cancelled and instead of taking the time out you put on a fantastic day like today ! I mentioned to sensai Chris earlier how we had tried swimming, football, dancing beavers etc for our Son  and he hadn’t really taken to any of them but karate he can’t get enough of ! I’m sure if we could make it he would be there every day of the week !!! Thank you again for all the hard work and effort you all put in .

After todays Weapons class

Hi Sensei Daz
Thankyou so much for letting Name removed  attend the class today. He had an awesome time and said how he couldn't put it in to words how good it was today. From an onlookers point of view I'd like to say how well organised it was and how well it was tailored to the different age ranges and abilities, including the safety talk to the Samurai's regarding the use of these techniques. Please say thankyou to all the Sensei's for the time and effort they put into today.
Huey would be really interested in a future sessions so fingers crossed you will be planning some more soon.

Message of a parent after today's Weapons class

Dad asks Son  - ‘was that as good as you thought it would be?’
Son Answers  - ‘yeah it was awesome, better than I thought and want to do it again. Just wish there had been swords.......’
Top day again, thank you to all.

After the Kubudo class a Parents asks there child

Hi My Son has gone into school this morning with a spring in his step, ready to take on the world
Just learning that little bit of self defence has bolstered his confidence 100%.
I think you may have gained a new recruit for sure.

Parent of a child who's being bullied at school

My Son has not stopped talking and demonstrating his 'moves'. He's even had me doing it. I must be out of shape since leaving My Physical job .
Anyway, he thoroughly enjoyed himself and wants to come back on Sunday.
He said the 'teacher' was very good.
I spoke with him (I forgot his name). He said My Lad  was very attentive and was eyes on for the whole session.
Personally I thought he was very good. And your lass too. Very family orientated as you've always said.
Well done to all concerned

New members Parent

XXXXX has definitely turned her life around in less than 6 months all because of karate and her karate family. Welcoming her and giving her the fresh start she so desperately needed.

I can't thank you and the team enough. Because of your support and encouragement  XXXX is growing into a beautiful young lady. She has more respect for people and her things. She takes pride in herself and believes in herself for the first time in her life. Which makes my "job" as her auntie /foster carer so much easier. She is a pleasure to be with. Watching her change and grow into a good person makes me incredibly happy.

Aunt & Foster Parent of a cadet

Fabulous place! Everyone is made welcome and valued. Very dedicated instructors who are really passionate about teaching and supporting everyone to succeed. My son loves it. Only wish I'd found it earlier.

Parent of Cadet Seamus

My boy on his way to his first of two golds today, we went for the experience and came away richer for it yet again. I’m running out of superlatives to use for Sensei Darren Barber , Shidoin Mandy Kelly, Sensei's Chris Castle , Brad Kay & James Coletrup and the rest of the ksd family. It’s harvest festival time and ksd are definitely reaping what has been sown! Thank you once more.

Parent of a Brown Belt Cadet commenting after the BSKI Nationals

I just have to say that Charlotte and William love coming and are so happy they now have their suits. Just wanted to send you a picture of our youngest son Matthew, who now wants to join lol .

- Admin - Pic removed  12/9/17

Parent of two Cadets

XXXXXXX has come home from karate and said that he has been invited to grade for yellow belt on sun 30th July. Is this correct pls? If so, could u pls confirm times for me? We will be on ours hols up in XXXXXXX but XXXXX is adamant that he wants to do this, he has asked us to drive him home for it and then return to hols. I'm impressed by that! Shows how much he enjoys his karate, so huge thanks to u!

I must also say that I've seen an increase in confidence in XXXXXX recently. He has never been and never will be confrontational or aggressive, its not who he is, but he has really stuck up for himself at school recently and I think it's because he feels he can handle himself abit more- this is due to the stuff he is doing with you! 
Joining Ksd- great decision!

Thanks for all your hard work


Message from a Parent of one of the Ksd Karate Cadets " Names and places removed " .

 It was really nice to see sensei Darren spending 1 on 1 time with some of the new kids tonight, the way you explained it to them was really inspirational  #Leadership #Respect 

Message off a parent watching class , and it wasn't there Children being taught by Sensei

As per usual great night down @Ksdkarate. I'm so pleased to be back and super chuffed with myself for getting student of the month. Whoop whoop. But I want to say a Big Thankyou to Sensei Darren Barber. He has helped me a lot recently. He Knows!!! Top man, awesome coach and brilliant club. Ksd Ksd Ksd Ksd!

Message from a Member in the Senior class

Hi Sensei  Darren just a quick follow up from the little conversation we had earlier the hard work and effort you and everyone else puts in down there is amazing , and like you said it's all done by you guys independently.  Its a brilliant facility and we are lucky to have it right on our doorstep . Every week Josh comes home with a smile and shows us something new he has learnt it has very quickly become the highlight of his week which is something he needed! .

Parent of a Cadet & local business man

Another 5 star review 

Absolutely amazing place. I take my niece and they have welcomed her and made her feel apart of the "family" straight away. She is not only learning karate, she is having fun. The teachers are helpful and incredibly supportive. Their encouragement are doing so much for her confidence. I can't thank the team enough.

Angeal Taylor - Wall

Thank You

Sensei Daz I Just wanted to pass you a message about Dylan - he took his karate certificates in school today and stood up in front of the entire school and parents to tell them what he's achieved. Did this completely off his own back and did it to overcome his fear of public speaking, I know without KSD this would not have been possible, I'm genuinely taken aback and have so much pride in what he's done and what KSD have done for him so thank you from us, onwards and beyond!

Dave Kenyon Dad of Ksd 4th Kyu Dylan

Proud Parent

This feedback was sent direct to our Association head Andrew Morrell , this in itself blew us away as 99% of parents dont look beyond the club itself , Awesome . Sensei Daz , below is the Quote . 

 I just wanted to contact you to say what a great club ksd karate in Whitefield is. My daughter 6 goes twice a week and really enjoys it. I've been to and seen a few clubs in the past, none of them come close to the quality, organisation, class planning, variation of techniques, attitude of the instructors. They have such a Google teaching style for the young ones. Every lesson is different. I wish there was a club this good when I was young.
> Kind Regards
> Martyn Mounter

first class feedback

Thank you Mr Goldstone , Jonny is a Ksd Black Belt and Instructor his Children Asha & Micha attend our Little Warriors Program .

And thank you Mr Symons , Rob's Son Jack is in out Cadet program and doing very well having graduated last year from our Warrior Program as a black stripe he loves going back into Warriors as a Ksd Helper a future instructor for sure . 

Video Testimonial


 Alison Allcock

" So glad that you did ! My son absolutely loves coming here ! You and the team have taught him so much for that I will be always grateful x " 


( in Reply to us opening the dojo 4 years ago its the annivesary today ) 

Thanks Ksd


Linda Carter 

Thank you for tonight- Oliver  " the lad in blue "  had a great time! He really enjoyed it and came home all psyched up about the moves he had learnt. It seems like this is exactly what we have been looking for- really pleased. So many things we liked-I'm hoping he will really progress (obv with hard work!) at ksd! Thanks again- we will see you next week .

Beginners course

We just wanted to say thank you for the Halloween themed karate class last night. It was obvious that you had put in a lot of work and time into making it a great night. Huey  had a fab time and would like to thank you for a great night and for the sweets!
Best wishes
Kristen , Simon & Huey 


If you want your son/daughter to learn self defence this is a fantastic place to learn that.This is a perfect place to learn how to deal with bullys. They also learn how to respect others.

Karolina Klasło

And to add I think the classes at KSD are brilliant my son has grown in confidence since attending I have only been allowed to come to one session ! (My husband thinks I'm a distraction ) but I must say I was impressed by how all the kids listen and are disciplined I've introduced a few friends to the sessions who are also really happy with the positive influence the team have on our children. Please pass on my appreciation to you and the rest of the team

Alison Allcock

Hey Sensei!

I was just checking out the new site and was wondering if you'd need another testimonial. You don't have to use it but here's a few words to say thank you for making me feel so welcome and all the support I've been getting from you and everyone at the club:

Apart from swimming when I was younger I hadn't really found a way to get fit which suited me.  I joined the KSD Karate family in October 2015 starting with the four weeks free offer.  After my first lesson I was hooked and, at the end of the four weeks, I was already a red belt.  I feel more confident in myself, I have lost weight, become more toned and feel physically fitter.  I also find I am becoming more self-disciplined outside of the dojo in my everyday life.  Everyone has made me feel at home and the level of positive support and encouragement from the trainers (Sensei) to fellow students has been overwhelming. Each training night is different and I come away having learned something new.  Karate is not just about self-defence; it is a graceful art built on the foundation of respect. I am now looking forward to grading for my yellow belt and will keep pushing myself to attain higher levels in the future.  KSD is a none-profit making club run by dedicated members of the community for the community.  If you are looking for a great way to get fit, become more self-disciplined and have fun in a welcoming, supportive and safe environment then give KSD Karate a try.

Kira osborne

Ok were to begin how can I explain how amazing this club is ok I remember when i first set foot in side the dojo the welcoming was unbelievably warm its thought me so much never get in conflict unless no way out how amazing karate really is its changed my life id recommend it to anyone don't miss out on joining a new family and starting a new awesome journey

Patrick Simm

KSD is much more than a karate club. It is a team with instructors that have real passion, knowledge and expertise who really care about both the students and the art. It has members that are friendly, welcoming and supportive of each other. 

It is a real karate combination.

When I joined I didn't know what to expect or whether Karate was for me.

I was welcomed with open arms and given loads o...f help and assistance.

KSD and Karate has improved me mentally and physically in and out of the dojo.

Through qualified instruction I have lost weight, improved my fitness, reduced my stress and anxiety levels and significantly improved my self esteem and confidence.

KSD has made me happier and better at work, at home and at life.

Much more than a karate club.

Be warned however its hard work and instructors and members rightly expect 100% effort everytime. Rightly there is no hiding place and no place for half heartedness. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits every time. You dont have to be a natural or techinically able but you have to believe in yourself and work.

The dojo and the club is a respectful and mutually helpful environment where friendships are built and egos dont exist.

It's great value and tailored around individuals getting what they want from it whilst sticking to the real and hard traditions of Karate.

If you are looking for a bit of sport and to learn a few moves with no impact then forget it. KSD is not for you.

If you are looking to change and improve your life and puts tonnes of effort in then get yourself down. 

Four weeks free means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Pop along, I'm generally the big clumsy one at the back and if I can do it no reason why you can't.

Matthew Hay

Ksd karate r great my girl darcie joined and she loves it the instructors r fantastic great with all the kids and every body i wud recomend it to anybody go and have a look for ur selfs


Amazing opportunity , 4 weeks free karate with no catch is just too good to be true so we thought ,but no , it's no gimmick , amazing club amazing people , thank you . 


Great post. I’m a regular visitor of your blog and appreciate you taking the time to maintain the nice site. I'll be a regular visitor for a long time 


Thanks for visiting our page Daz, yours is an excellent site 

Anthony Slack

The past few weeks of concentration, team work and dedication 

Clear to see KSD’S passion, high spirits and complete inspiration. 

The squad training from both Sensei’s strongly leading us the way, 

Heads held high we fought hard and never will we forget such a brilliant day! 

Approaching Shido-Ryu Shukokai Karate Nationals buzzing and ready to compete 

Our KSD warriors were getting butterflies but were confident and ready to defeat! 

Our sensei’s trained and were referees on the day they looked extremely smart 

Unable to speak and proud of us all … being a huge family you could not tear us apart! 

The competition started and we were each called up thinking ‘just watch this space’ 

Our very own Olli was straight in there showing the room that KSD will steel first place! 

The medals were like magnets and KSD were taking a lot as it was quite plain to see 

Claire winning two gold in Shodan kata and three times champion the beautiful Chelsea! 

All our guys did extremely fantastic the parents support we really pulled together 

20 Medals guys a reason to smile for we take this home and remember it forever! 


Manish kumar Delhi Just like to thank the instructors at the recent squad training Sensei for some brilliant tuition! Kata being taught by Sensei Peter Hill was fantastic...amazing knowledge but not a surprise coming from one of the Academy's leading instructors, I really wished I had this opportunity when 

Manish Kumar

Thanks KSD. 

After searching through the many karate websites on the web for clubs in Manchester, I found KSD. Initially the site attracted me because of the immensely informative content, well structured syllabus and training times and the friendly "about us" and profile sections. 

I thought that I'd give it a go and try it for free. I'm now at the end of the four week beginner course and totally loving it. Everybody at the club is so friendly and welcoming, the senseis treat you with respect and as an individual; pushing you but always at your own pace. Each session is varied in style and content and I've learnt so much even in this first month. I have so much fun, and hard work :D each time I go, and I can't wait until the next time. 

I'm looking forward to grading next week and to a long future with the club. 

One word to describe KSD: Perfect 

Alex Bowen

sensei daz 

many congrats on your ( yon dan )we meet at cobra summer school .pete the judo lad .would some time in the future like to visit your club. Not sure if theres anyting i could do for your guys but id like to come over all the same . what do you think . 

from sensei peter turton judo sandan 

Peter Turton

‎3 letters, 3 syllables, 1 huge meaning, 1 BIG family, countless memories, unlimited lessons to be learnt, infinite and ongoing love for the place, love the people n our ever-growing friends...it can only be our K.S.D. 

Emma Keating

Hi Darren, nice site mate very informative, congratulations on attaining your 4th Dan. You have worked very hard to achieve it, a good example for all your students to follow. Hoe to touch base again soon. 


I was looking to get back into a form of Martial Art as I have been out of practice for quite some time. I looked around the Google web site for a club close to my area. I came across quite a few sites but I was very drawn into this particular layout and the very clear step by step tabs down the left hand side not to mention the fantastic pictures as I can now link some happy faces to the people I have met in person. I decided to participate and go down to see if the club lived to the standards of the website. I was greeted by the NICEST people you could ever wish to meet who explained to me the style, the clubs ownership and family values. I was glad to hear about the activities/events that the club get involved in not just at their base but socially out of the club as well. Although I have been a couple of times I feel very committed and the training is at a pace you wish to train at as there are varied classes. I highly would recommend anyone reading this to come down and give it a try whether for adults (yourself) or kids. I personally am starting to feel a lot fitter physically already and I really look forward to my next class. 

Claire B

Hi Guys, Had a nosey round the site looks ace!!! See you soon!! Kind Regards, Darren

Darren (Heyrod Karate)

This club has got a magic formula to keep everyone happy! I am quite demanding customer in all retail and services situations, not just shops and restaurants, but also countries and cities (have lived in several so far) and I know I'm not easily pleased. This club has not only provided me with 100% of great "martial art service" but also long time ago made me forget that it is any sort of client-provider situation, I just take it as my hobby, my aspiration, my development path, on which I happily let myself being guided by this fantastic bunch of people. They've got my utmost respect and admiration for what they do. Thanks guys!


A Fantastic, Friendly Club who give a 100% in Every way !!!. I'm a mother of 4 & 3 of my children aged 11, 9 & 5 attend this great club & enjoy every minute from start to finish. One of my children has Dyslexia & we were advised that a form of martial arts would help her concentration levels & promote confindence & KSD have done just that ! Her teachers have noticed a big difference in the last 7 months. I would recommend KSD on every level, we looked at other places & even tried one which were complete rip off's in it for the money. The passion KSD has shows in every session in the Dojo & outside in everyday life they are not just committed to teaching they are committed to every individual within the KSD FAMILY !!!!!


There's so many inspirational people at this club, from Sensei (s) to the senior grades, all great role models in karate and life. It's great to see guys who started as total beginners, now working towards their black belts, which gives me confidence to know I can get there. No one at the club has forgotten that everyone starts as a beginner, and the content is always aimed at the appropriate level (although progressive too). The instructors are incredibly passionate and eager to pass on their knowledge and experience to develop each student to their full potential. Everyone is really encouraging, focusing on developing you as an individual. I've noticed so many changes and improvements in everything such as my karate, flexibility, strength and fitness. It's amazing to do something and realise you can do it better/faster/stronger etc than last time! I've made so many friends after only 2 months, and it really does feel like one big family. I've developed such an affinity and love for KSD already that I would find it nigh on impossible to train at any other club after catching the "KSD Bug".


A very welcoming club for all ages, this place is fantastic, the sensei's are amazing and extremely helpful no matter what age or grade you are, everybody is treated the same at every level, Both my girls are here and they love it, even considering it for myself, very interesting to watch and learn.They are extremely reasonable with there rates, even offering 4 weeks free for beginners, If you want to learn karate then do it the KSD way, Its the only way!!!! 


A really friendly club with some excellent teachers and a focussed approach to training. Free 4 week trial period then an initial grading. The club teaches traditional styles with adaptations to use on the streets. The Sensei's are great, but a lot of praise bust be made to the sempai's - Blue and brown belt grades that help with the teaching and make it all possible. I joined after watching my son's initial lesson as I was that impressed. Cannot recommend it enough. 


Great people, friendly atmosphere and a great way to stay in shape and meet new people


Exceeded my expectations in every way....KSD have managed to strike the perfect balance between the Traditional ways and methods of Karate and a modern approach to learning it. The Instructors there are very helpful and friendly (not to mention patient!) and endeavour to release the full potential of each and every student who attends. The thing what I liked most about KSD was that you are treated as an INDIVIDUAL, not as a cash cow and is clearly apparent that these guys are the real deal and genuinely want to help you progress, not just interested in your money (which seems to increasingly be the case with martial arts clubs these days). With different lessons on various days, the lessons are easily accessible to everyone giving you more choice which ones you want to attend. I was really impressed by the way the club works and has a distinct "family" element to it which is apparent on your first visit, but don't take my word for it.....get down there and see for yourself you won't be disappointed!!! I train at the club regularly and love every minute of it, I would recommend KSD without hesitation to both new starters and karateka of any grade.....see you soon guys!!!

Darren S

Fantastic club and brilliant atmosphere. This is a family club, and everyone is treated as such. I started with KSD last September as a way to get fit and try something completely different. In the time i have been doing it it has given me the confidence in my abilities, and i am pleasantly surprised at the things i have achieved and i can honestly say i am proud of my achievements. Everyone in the club is friendly and welcoming, it is a club that welcomes anyone no matter of ability, age, and you can train at your own pace with no pressure. i would recommend it to everyone it is a excellent place to train and socialise in and out of the dojo there is always something going on. Have a look around the website you will see a lot of good pictures, the club definitely meets the standards that of the website. Come have a look couldn't wish to meet nicer people.


Great club and really friendly. I spent a long time looking at different clubs in the area and KSD came up tops. They made sure that they spent time with all the students, the instructors were happy to explain everything. My Son Jack has been going there now for 6 months and have seen a massive change in him, he is far more confident, and his grade are starting to improve at school. I just want to say a massive thank you to Sensei Darren and Sensei Will for all the time they have spent with Jack. I would recommend KSD to any parent they are simply the best club in the area. Many Thanks Sarah


In life you choose your path in wich you wish to you take, Your heart has a belonging even if you have time out or take a break. I have always had a love for martial arts but not had a sense of belonging, Recently i feel born again with KSD a family so close my life is transforming. I was looking to get back into a form of Martial Art as I have been out of practice for quite some time. I looked around the Google web site for a club close to my area. I came across quite a few sites but I was very drawn into this particular layout and the very clear step by step tabs down the left hand side not to mention the fantastic pictures as I can now link some happy faces to the people I have met in person. I decided to participate and go down to see if the club lived to the standards of the website. I was greeted by the NICEST people you could ever wish to meet who explained to me the style, the clubs ownership and family values. I was glad to hear about the activities/events that the club get involved in not just at their base but socially out of the club as well. Although I have been a couple of times I feel very committed and the training is at a pace you wish to train at as there are varied classes. I highly would recommend anyone reading this to come down and give it a try whether for adults (yourself) or kids. I personally am starting to feel a lot fitter physically already and I really look forward to my next class.


Amazing Club!! with a real family feeling! I did karate for many years when I was younger and took a break in my teens as my club no longer offered what I needed as a student. After trying many different clubs in the years to follow I felt a little disheartened by their lack of true traditional karate values and their general club attitudes were lacking complete positivity and good vibes and so I never stayed longer than two lessons. (The second was usually to check I wasn't mistaken and I never was) I scoured the web and came across the KSD website which was I was instantly taken by, the site is extremely easy to read and I found it to be a very informative and open site. What also struck me was all the smiling faces in the photo gallery, I knew that this must have been a friendly place to be, and so, with fingers tightly crossed, I decided to take the plunge and give it a try in November 2010. The club itself is located in Prestwich, Manchester which was really handy for me as I live in the City Centre and the club was easy for me to reach using the Metrolink which stops only a few minutes away from the club. From the minute I walked in the door I felt an instant warmth from the Instructors who are welcoming and extremely easy to approach. I explained my situation (That I was a re-starter) and felt no pressure to join the class if I merely wanted to spectate. Being a former martial artist I couldnt resist joining in and was not disappointed.... I could tell from the very first class that the club had strong values, knowledgeable instructors and I was immediately made to feel like one of the gang...this has never normally been the case as I was used to being met by hostile individuals at other clubs and seemed to try and belittle the students as opposed to developing them as they should...not good. I went back to the club the following lesson and came out feeling even more positive and upbeat about my passion. KSD re-ignited my flame for karate, I then took a third, forth and fifth lesson and have been going each week ever since! I am very proud to be part of KSD and would encourage everyone to give it a go. The club now offers 4 weeks free training for all beginners and re-starters, there is no catch and no obligation to stay after your 4 weeks are up! I am so happy to say that we have so many happy people at our club who have done their 4 weeks and have caught the "KSD Bug" and cant wait for their lessons each week to develop and progress rapidly as individuals. KSD trains you physically...who needs a gym?? And also mentally...the confidence change we see in people is fantastic. Speaking as a female, In a male driven sport it is easy for ladies to feel intimidated, especially if they are new to the sport, I have to say this is not even nearly and issue at KSD as the club is absolutely full of ladies off all abilities and we very often overpower the men of the club which is pure delight :) KSD does exactly what it shows on the site...Traditional Karate taught extremely well, Happy Smiley people walking in and out every week and has something for everyone, young and old! We train Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so even busy bee's can squeeze in atleast one session a week. Do what I did and take the plunge, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed :) Emma.


Brilliant sessions! Love it! I am a total beginner, all instructors or "Senseis" at KSD are really great passionate and considerate teachers. The KSD sessions are all inclusive and very supportive. These Shukokai Karate training sessions are lots of fun and I feel welcomed into the club which has a warm and welcoming heart to it's community. I never thought I would be so keen on attending these classes, which are already benefiting my fitness. With lots of new friends and learning new skills I am really keen to keep attending this great club.


Excellent club, top class instructors (senseis) and totally welcoming and friendly to everyone. 100% recommend to anyone looking to start/restart karate, or just wanting a change in club


traditional karate but effective training


Excellent teaching


The best karate club around


5 star



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