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All our Instructors are fully qualified and enhanced CRB checked. KSD is a family club and all members are extended family and treated as such. KSD instructors have a wealth of experience in martial arts as well as in life, we're always approachable and friendly.

Chief Instructor

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Daz Barber
Chief Instructor

Sensei is a real family man. Married for 26 years to wife Sharon.  Two children, Ryan (Karate 2nd Kyu) and Ashley (Karate 2nd  Dan).

Loves his dogs, breed Border Collie Ceaser is 14.5 years old ( now deceased Rip Buddy )  and new pup on the block Harley (Scraps) is 24 months.

A Hgv class 1 driver by trade recently  working in the delivery of stationery for WA Office Needs. A Manchester United fan - sadly doesn't get to go these days as far too busy working and running KSD. 

Now taking a sabaticle from work to concentrate on the running of Ksd and take it to the next level 

Sensei treats all members of the club as extended family.

have a browse through some of my journey below ! .

Sensei Darren Barber 6th Dan
It was in  late 1982 when i first tried training at a Muay Thai club  , but soon moved onto Judo  in Feb  83  when Sensei Daz began serriosly  training in martial arts. 

Personal Statement 
I’ve studied with many influential instructors who are mentioned below:- 

Roy Berry , Max Shacklady , Jim Gibson , Nigel Nuttall , William Rielly ,   George Campbell , Terry Pottage ,Tony Gregory ,  Fumio Demura , Akiro Sato , Kenji Tomiyama , Morio Higaonna , Masataka Ohshita   to name but a few , all have had a influence on my training and I thank them all . 
Karate proved to be the discipline and martial art that best suited me,which is why after all these years I am still hard at and loving every moment ,I still find it interesting and have lots to learn , as well as having a passion for my own development and learning , I have the added bonus being able to pass on my life skills to others , teaching is a skill all on its own ,not to mention running a successful club. 


Judo Swinton Judo Club, British Judo Association, Instructor: -  Sensei Adams & Sensei Berry. & Sensei Carlisle .
Boxing, Barton Athletic Eccles, Instructor Max Shacklady Olympian. 

Karate , Bury Budokan, Bury, British Karate Association , “ Shukokai” Instructor :- Jim Jibson / Nigel Nuttall. 
BKA Nationals Coventry 4th place 


Bury Budokan 

Ju Jitsu , Middleton , Instructor :- William Riley .

Karate & Fitness training, “home Dojo” while looking for the right karate instructor “those were the days cross training “ travelling searching for the correct Dojo Dojos / Styles attended , Shotokan , Wado Ryu  . 

Karate, Ken Shu Do Prestwich , Ken Yu Kai Karate Association , “Shukokai” Instructors :- Terry Pottage , George Campbell . 


Taught my first class under the watch full eye of my Sensei 


Taught my first class as alone due to no other senior grade showing up  
Ken Yu Kai national championships 3rd place. 

Ken Yu Kai national championships 1st Place. 
KEN-SHU-Do B team squad member. 
Ken-Shu-Do best adult of the year. 

KYK national championships 1st place. 

EKGB/Ken Yu Kai assistant Instructors award, I was the first Ken Yu Kai brown belt to achieve this award a fact I am proud of. 
Ju Jitsu , Salford Ju Jitsu club Sensei Keith Nixon 
KEN-SHU-DO A team squad member. 
Ken Yu Kai national championships team kumite & kata 3rd Place. 

EKGB/Ken Yu Kai Instructors Award. 

NGB Kata corner judge 

Ju Jitsu , Salford Ju Jitsu club Sensei Keith Nixon 

KEN-SHU-DO A team squad member. 
Ken Yu Kai national championships team kumite & kata 3rd Place. 
Ken Yu Kai national’s kumite time keeper. 

Ken Yu Kai national’s assistant official, time keeper and points total keeper. 
Founder member of Dragon Karate Academy Prestwich. 

Karate, Dragon Karate Academy Prestwich , “Shukokai” , Alliance of Shukokai Karate  
Joined the Alliance of Shukokai Karate which was formed by 3 senior shukokai grades one being my instructor at that time G.H.Campbell. 
Dragon Karate Academy management committee member. 
Dragon Karate Academy grading panel officer . 
Was given the honour of assisting at the first Alliance of Shukokai Karate Dan grade. 

FEKO/Alliance of shukokai Instructors award. 
Dragon Karate Academy management committee member. 
Dragon Karate Academy grading panel officer. 
Dragon Karate Academy grade syllabus Instructor. 

Dragon Karate Academy management committee member. 
Dragon Karate Academy grading panel officer. 

NGB Kata Judge area official award 

Dragon Karate Academy management committee member. 
Dragon Karate Academy grading panel officer. 


Dragon Karate academy member and grade panel officer 


Dragon Karate academy Member  and grade panel officer 

Dragon Karate Academy grading panel officer. 

Dragon Karate Academy grading officer. 

Founder Member of Shukokai Karate Academy "formally" Dragon Karate Academy. 
ASK/Shukokai Karate Academy course Instructor. 

Shukokai Karate Academy grading Officer. 
FEKO/Alliance of Shukokai Karate Instructors awards. 
Alliance of shukokai /Shukokai Karate Academy course Instructor. 
Founder of KenShuDo Shukokai Karate club, Heaton Park. * Name change K S D Shukokai Karate Club* 

Karate, Joined The Cobra Martial Arts Association “CMAA” National Supporting body.. 
CMAA Level 1 Instructors award 
KSD Chief Instructor 
KSD Chief Grade Officer. 

First Daz-Do class 

KSD Karate Association Founder
KSD Club President 
KSD Chief Instructor 
KSD Chief Grade officer 

Karate , Affiliated to Shido –Ryu Shukokai Karate Organisation Instructor :- Sensei Julian Mallalieu, & CMAA .
Shido – Ryu Grade Officer

Shido-Ryu Referee and Kata Judge

Kata Judge A Class Shido-Ryu / Cmaa

Kumite Judge  Shido-Ryu / Cmaa


Chief Instructor for the KSD Karate Association

Becomes a full time Karate Instructor

KSDKA Chief Dan Grade Officer  

First Aid Qualified





Member No WR52171


KSDKA Chief Dan Grade officer

KSDKA Chief Instructor

KSDKA Technical officer

Declined MIA Instructors award 


KSDKA Chief Dan Grade Officer

KSDKA Chief Instructor

KSD Karate Whitefield Chief Instructor

Ksd Karate Whitefield Chief grade Office 

Title as per CMAA awarded Renshi 

first aid for sport qualified

Ksd Karate & Cmaa title Renshi award 

CMAA Level 1 Instructors award renewed 

Pride of Bury Awards 1st place Sporting Hero 


Ksd Chief Dan Grade officer

Ksd Chief Instructor


Ksd Karate Chief Instructor 

Ksd Karate Chief Dan Grade official   

Nominated for the final bury community sports club of the year award 


Cmma Level 1 Instructors awards course refresh 

KSD Chief Instructor 

CMAA Self defence Instructor qulaified 

CMAA First Aid for Sport renewed 

Ken Shu Dojo Members vote for Instrutor of the year 

CPD Diploma in advanced Karate 

Shito Ryu Shukokai World Union application to join approved by ther DC  

Finalist of the Bury Community Sports club of the year top 10 

Cmma Kick Jitsu 


Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma ( CPD ) 

CMMA Kick Jitsu 

Ken Shu Dojo Chief Instructor 

Level 4 Advanced  diploma in Exercise & Fitness ( CPD )

Level 3 Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring ( CPD )

KSDKA Chief Instructor 

WKC World Judges and Referee Award of Peter Lewis world President 

Ksd Karate members awarded me an Appricaition award 


KSDKA Chief Instructor 

First Aid for Sport renewed 

WKC Class A Referee / Kata Judge 


KSDKA Chief Instructor 

Covid 19 restricted all karate to the Zoom Room and restricted Dojo achievments  


KSDKA Chief Instructor 

Karate England vetted and affiliation approved 


Awarded CMMA " Cobra Martial arts Shichidan

Approval from Patrick Mcarthy to join his organisation to futher my own KU Studies 

KSDKA Chief Instructor 

Daz Barber
Chief Instructor

5th Dan

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James Coletrup

KSDKA Lv 2 Instructor 2014 

Yondan 2016 


WKC World Referee and Judges award 

Doshi Award dec 18

Ksd Karate Student of year 2018

2020 Godan

James Coletrup

4th Dan

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Chris Castle

Still struggling to find time to attend the dojo , he needs to re find his Mojo  , hopefull again soon . 

*** Currently away from the club due to Ill Health *** Speedy recovery pal  

Chris is a family man. He and partner Mandy (Karate 1st Dan) have a daughter Bethany (Karate 1st Kyu). Chris has a dog called Dojo - a Staffy that keeps him busy. Chris is qualified in the enviromental sector and loves the outdoors. 

Below is a brief look at my Martial arts history 



1984 / 1985: Glenview School

Johannesburg S A

Style Goju-Ryu 

(Instructor Was Student Of) Sensei Bakkies Laubscher

Graded 9th Kyu

1985 / 1987: Rising Sun Karate


Style Shukokai

Sensei Tommy Kwan

Graded 8th to 5th Kyu

1987 / 1992: Red Sun Karate


Style Shukokai

Sensei Mick Revell

Graded 4th Kyu to Shodan (Junior)

During 1993 / 1994 my Karate training became less consistent, I wanted to experience other styles, and ultimately I left to pursue this goal. However, Martial Arts soon became a part-time pursuit as I concentrated on my studies / exams over the coming years, after graduating Salford University I decided it was time to return full-time.

2002 / 2004: Prestwich Thai Boxing Club / Phoenix Muay Thai


Style Muay Thai Boxing

Kru Rick Lewis

Graded N/A

I sadly left the club when I moved to Northern Ireland. I tried another Muay Thai Boxing club but wasn’t keen on the atmosphere, (with no other clubs local in my vicinity) I decide to continue my Martial Arts training in my own time, based around a Muay Thai Boxing syllabus. Additional training included skipping for cardio and mixed free weight training and medicine ball core strength conditioning.

Martial Arts training during my youth had instilled within me a discipline which had made me very dedicated to my home training. However, (no one pushes you as hard as a good training partner) and having been a member of the Home Gym Club for so long it was time to get back in the dojo, especially now I was back home in sunny Manchester… 

2011 / Present: Ken Shu Dojo  Karate Club


Style Shito-Ryu / Shukokai

Sensei Darren Barber

Graded Shodan to Sandan



1st Dan - Shodan (Junior) / Graded


1st Dan - Shodan (Senior)

12 Month Graded Assessment for Shodan Ratification

KSDKA - Assistant Club Instructor

KSDKA - Junior Grade Officer


2nd Dan - Nidan / Graded


KSDKA - Sensei (Official Title Awarded)

CMAA - First Aid for Sport Cert.


KSDKA – Club Instructor (Promoted)

KSDKA – Grade Officer (Promoted)

KSDKA – Senior of the Year 2015


3rd Dan - Sandan / Graded – (Outstanding Performance Grade Cert. Awarded)

KSDKA – Doshi (Offical Title Awarded)

KSDKA - Senior Club Instructor (Promoted)

KSDKA – Trophy / Award – Outstanding Dedication & Loyalty to KSD Karate


CMAA - First Aid for Sport Cert. (Updated)

CMAA – MAIUK Instructor Cert.

Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor – Level 3 Diploma

The greatest joy I get from Karate is watching both my daughter Bethany (Junior Shodan) and partner Mandy (Senior Shodan) progress through the ranks, excelling both in grading’s and competition, they have made me very proud. I would just like to thank Sensei Daz and Sensei Will for reigniting my passion for Karate, and I hope to be training with them for many years to come, and not to forget all the great students who make up KSD Karate Club.   

Chris Castle

3rd Dan

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Brad Kay

Sensei Brad Kay

Began training aged 7 has a lot of experience in the arts and isnt a stranger to cross training in Karate , Ju Jitsu and Boxing 

1st Dan Shito Ryu Graded under Fumio Demura Genbu Kai 2010

2nd Dan Freestyle Karate 2013

1st Kyu Kubudo 2009

5th Kyu Ju Jitsu 2015

KSDKA LV 1 Instructor 2012 

Ken Shu Dojo  - Nidan 12/11/17


WKC World Referee and Judges award 

Ksd Karate Black Belt of year 18

Members Member vote for instructor of year 18

Sensei Daz ksd karate instructors award 18

Sandan dec 20

Brad Kay
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I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
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