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Our Exclusive Training Dojo

KSD karateka

Welcome to the Ken Shu Dojo, a space exclusively for KSD students that has been customised for the sole purpose of teaching classes in Shito-Ryu Shukokai karate and our supplementary fitness based class Karatabata.

Shukokai Shito-Ryu karate dojo interior in Whitefield, Manchester

KSD have been training at the dojo based in Whitefield, Manchester since 2010 and it has gone through many physical changes as we constantly strive to improve the space for our students to make their karate training the best it can be in a safe and comfortable environment.

Karate impact pads

Some of the features of the KSD dojo include:

  • fully 40ml matted floor for safety and protection;
  • viewing area for parents/carers;
  • large rear car park;
  • reception area fully stocked with karate gis (suits), sparring equipment, hydration beverages and snacks;
  • impact pads, focus mitts and paddles;
  • heavy hanging bags and sparring aids;
  • traditional Okinawan karate training equipment – Chi Chi Hojo Undo and Makiage Kigu;
  • warm up equipment – hurdles, ladders, cones and hoops;
  • and fitness and conditioning equipment – kettle bells, weights, medicine balls, skipping ropes, battle ropes.
Interior of KSD karate dojo in Whitefield, Manchester