First two classes are free! Beginners and restarters get in touch.

Training & Equipment Prices

KSD karateka

All payments made to Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club are done via our bespoke payment portal. All registration applications to the portal will be approved manually.

Karate gi, sparring mits and Ken Shu dojo license

Membership (including free insurance to train)

Association membership is required after your FREE two taster karate classes. This is a yearly premium and costs £25.00. This includes your grading passport booklet and Member-to-Member Association Insurance. A synopsis of cover of this insurance is available from the chief instructor.

Please note that you lose insurance cover the moment your association membership lapses. If you train without association membership you train uninsured and you therefore become personally liable for any claims made against you should you accidentally injury another student. So always make sure your association membership is up to date for total piece of mind.

Late renewals or a replacement booklet incur an administration charge of £5.00. Late membership renewal will be back-dated.

Monthly class subs (from as little as £2.07 per class)

Club subs are paid monthly and one month in advance of the classes you will attend.

Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club also offer it’s members a Gold membership (also paid monthly) which gives you:

  • unlimited training in all (suitably aged) karate classes including Karatabata;
  • access to the members area of the web site;
  • training price £35.99 per month, there is a discount for family members training together from the same household.

After your two free taster classes you will be sent a link to our payment portal (available via app and web). Once registered you will receive a further seven days free training at KSD.


9th Kyu (red belt)£25.00
8th Kyu (yellow belt)£25.00
7th Kyu (orange belt)£25.00
6th Kyu (green belt)£30.00
5th Kyu (blue belt)£30.00
4th Kyu (purple belt)£30.00
3rd Kyu (brown belt)£35.00
2nd Kyu (brown belt)£35.00
1st Kyu (brown belt)£35.00
1st Dan (black belt) and above£70.00

All successful graded members will receive a new belt and certification.


Basic karate gi (suit)£19.99 – £22.99  (depending on size)
Heavyweight karate gi (14-16oz)Please speak to our club administrator
Hand mitts£18.50
Basic shin and instep protection (bought as a pair)£15.00
Groin guard£6.00
Gum shield£3.00
Embroidered Club badge£5.00
Spare belt£4.00

Leisure wear

Want to tell the world how proud you are to be a member of Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club? Get your hands on some of our awesome KSD merchandise wear.

We have teamed up with a local supplier who offer a great range of clothing including:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo shirts
  • Coats
  • Beanie hats

All items are embroidered with our Club logo. Speak to our club administrator to place an order.