First two classes are free! Beginners and restarters get in touch.

Beginners & Re-starters

KSD karateka

Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club in Whitefield, Manchester welcomes new members whether they are looking to take up karate classes for the first time or if they have studied karate in the past and are looking to re-ignite their passion.

Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club teaches Shito-Ryu Shukokai karate to beginners and those re-starting.

We invite beginner and re-starter members to come down to our karate dojo in Whitefield, Manchester and take up our free trial offer. If you no longer want to continue after the your first class or beginner trail then no problem but we’re positive you’ll love it, catch the “KSD bug” and will want to continue at our awesome karate club.

KSD offers a range of karate and fitness classes for all new or re-starting students both child and adult. Members can try one or all classes in the week. Please see our class timetable to find classes to suit.

KSD karate students leg stretching exercise

Beginning karate for the first time

Whether you’re aged seven or seventy it’s never too late to begin your karate journey and Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club welcomes all new students of all ages, genders and ability.

By starting karate classes at KSD you will become fitter, stronger and healthier whilst having fun as well as meeting new friends in a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment.

How will starting karate benefit me?

Some of the benefits for new karate members include:

  • learning basic blocks, strikes and kicks;
  • learning simple self-defence techniques;
  • improving fitness, strength and flexibility;
  • become more confidentent;
  • and making new friends.

What do I wear?

You will be required to purchase and wear a karate “gi” (training suit jacket and trousers) which can be acquired through the Club on your behalf (visit our Prices page for more karate gi and equipment costs) or at most good sports shops. These are hard wearing and should last years. If you purchase your own, our only stipulation is that it must be plain white and free from any lettering, symbols or coloured banding on the gi.

What belt do I get?

All members start their journey as a 10th Kyu (white belt) and you will be tested at the next club grading for your 9th Kyu (red belt) after approximately 11 lessons. You will only be tested on the content you have learnt to date. Should you pass, you will be issued with a certificate, your 9th Kyu grade will be registered with the governing body and our association and you will also receive your red belt. Please see our Prices page for grading costs.

Re-starting karate

Thinking about restarting karate? Well look no further, Ken Shu Dojo Karate Club offer classes for you also. We’re confident that KSD will meet and possibly even exceed the karate training you have had in the past and re-ignite your passion for the martial arts.

Do I have to re-start at white belt?

Our governing body guidelines convey that nobody has a right to strip you of the karate grades you have earned to date. All we ask is you provide proof of these grades, be it old certificates or licences. All information provided is checked.

So you have a choice: either you may enter as a white belt and train till you feel your ready to wear your past grade; or you can wear your past grade straight away.

We run an assessment system the same as regular grades (£10.00 per assessment ). You will be assessed in accordance with our KSD operation manual. Once you’re assessed to your old grade you’re ready to work towards your next grade. On completion of the grade, you’re required to purchase a governing body membership. This is your member-to-member insurance to train as well as being your grading passport.

Considering a change of clubs?

If you’re training elsewhere and considering a change of clubs get in touch for a confidential chat. We’re a non-political, non-egotistical club and have members and instructors from who have come from other karate clubs and martial art styles training with us.

Membership and insurance

There is no Club membership fee but you will need an annual association membership. Please see our Prices page for more details about membership and insurance.