Beginners & Re-starters

Ken Shu Dojo Karate Whitefield  offers  Two lessons FREE, no obligation course to beginners and those restarting karate. Try any class or all of them.


Ages - 4 - 70 

You will become fitter, stronger & healthier whilst having fun aswell as meeting new friends 

All beginners enter the dojo as a 10th Kyu (White Belt).  " ages 6 and under ( Stripe Belt system is in place see Little Warriors page on this site ) "  .

Members can try one or all classes in the week. See our club opening hours page for times.

If you no longer want to continue after the free classes then no problem. At least you had a go but were pretty sure you will want to continue as KSD is much more than just a karate club.

On or about week five you enter the dojo as a 10th Kyu (White Belt) and you will be tested at the next club grading for your 9th Kyu (Red Belt) in class. You will be tested on the content you have learnt to date. Should you pass, you will be issued with a certificate, your 9th Kyu grade will be registered with the govening body and our association and you will also receive your Red Belt. there is a £20.00 fee this includes your class attendance price. 

Some of the basic benefits beginners will be taught

– Learn basic kicks, blocks and strikes
– Learn self-defence techniques
– Improve your fitness, strength and flexibility
– Become more confident

On completion of the beginners course and Red Belt you will be invited to join in the main class.

There is no club membership fee but you will need an association membership at a cost of £20.00 which is payable annually for the first year and £15.00 to renew. Membership for Little Warriors £15.00 and £15.00 to renew. This includes  your member-to-member insurance to train. A synopsis of cover of this insurance is available from your instructor. 

Please note that you lose membership and insurance cover the moment your membership lapses. If you train without Association membership you train uninsured and you therefore become personally liable for any claims made against you should you accidentally injury another student. So always make sure your association membership is up to date.

You will be required to purchase and wear a Karate Gi (training suit) which can be acquired through the Club on your behalf (see prices page for more details) or at most good sports shops. These are hard wearing and should last years. If you purchase your own, our only stipulation is that it must be plain white and free from any lettering, symbols or coloured banding on the Gi.


Thinking about restarting karate? Well look no futher. Ken Shu Dojo offer the four lessons FREE to you also. First session will be as above on a Monday/Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday, try one or all. 

Following our govening body guidelines, nobody has a right to strip you of your grades earnt.  All we ask is you provide proof, be it old certificates or licences. All info provided is checked.

Going forward, after the first lesson you're also welcome in any KSD class.

So you have choices. You may enter as a white belt and train till you feel your ready to wear your past grade or you can wear your past grade straight away.

We run an assesment system the same as regular grades (£10.00 per assesment ). You will be assessed in accordance with our KSD opperation manual. Once you're assessed to your old grade you're ready to work towards your next grade.

On completion of the grade, when moving into the main classes, you're required to purchase a govening body membership. This is your member-to-member insurance to train as well as being your grading passport. See our prices page for more details.     


Considering a change of clubs?

If you're training elsewhere and considering a change of clubs get in touch for a confidential chat. We're a non-political, non-egotistical club and have other members and instructors of other clubs training with us.

Ksd Karate teaches Shito ryu, Shukokai, Karate to beginners and those re starting , near  Manchester, close to  Bury, the dojo is in Whitefield on the border of Prestwich and  Radcliffe.   
Try a taster class for free!
to beginners and restarters

Fancy trying something new? Why not try the many benefits of Ken Shu Dojo  Karate training can offer with a couple of  taster  classes free of charge, yes FREE!

Then if you want to continue we Will offer you 4 weeks unlimited training Membership to our national govening body with a years free insurance  a Karate Suit   and your first Grading all for £29.99 


You can pay per class / month but all members must purchase membership to our National Govening Karate body and as members you get your Insurance to train , annual cost £15.00 

Beginners and restarters ages 5 - 75+ welcome.

See our class timetable
I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.
Bruce Lee