July 2016 Grading

3.5 hours of graft , nothing is given away at Ksd , awesome grading gang .. there wasnt a member i wasnt proud of .. 

8th Kyu - Rosie Billington 

5th Kyu - Mat Hay, David Rose 

4th Kyu - Samanta Lejina, Jolanta Lejina, Olivia Holden (outstanding garde award), Daz S, Jack Symons

Little Warriors Grade 

Fab standard , asking these Iccle guys to concentrate for the duration thats at least double there class time is a huge ask .. well you all did it , you were awesome gang .. 

Yellow Stripe - Joshua Evans , Alice Thorpe , Sarah Walsh 

Orange Stripe - Cristian Billigton , Daphna Rose ( outstanding grade award ) 

Green Stripe - Scott Baxter , Chloe Baxter 

Purple Stripe - Huey Davis , Louis Fergerson , Issabella Freya , Harry Miller , Essa Yassen 

Student of the Month 

Little Warrior - Chloe Baxter 

Cadet - Chris Blyth

Senior  - Darcie Griffiths

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