November 2017

Students of the Month 

  • Little Warrior - Thomas Cotton
  • Super Samurai - Isabelle Fryer 
  • Cadet - Ali Termanali 
  • Senior Cadet - Jessica Muir 
  • Senior - Patrick Simm 


Today we ran our first Kubudo & Hojo Undo Seminar , Myself running the Hojo Undo ( Strength & conditioning ) , Sensei Ken taught kempo Short stick , Sensei Chris on the Nunchuku & Sensei Brad teaching the Bo ... 

a solid 2 hours of awesomeness was delivered and enjoyed by all 


Ken Shu Dojo Karate Whitefield Kyu Grading 

Huge well done to Mandy Hopkins  & Amber Hopkins  9th Kyus  Red Belts , Louis Ferguson  , Harry  Miller ,Ollie  Harris , Ali Termany  & Craig Warren 8th Kyus Yellow Belts  , Ethan Abernathy & Josh  Walker 7th Kyus Orange Belts  ... Over all performance of the Grade Award goes to Ethan Well done pal .


Well 2017 Dan Grade days been and gone , and i can say they guys testing left nothing in the tank what so ever we even had a " Hurling episode as in Puke " amazing , the guys tested for 6.5 hours and were tested on 95% of the whole syllabus on the left and right i am so proud of them all ... before we get onto them i want to thank Shihan Ken Makin , Sensei James Coletrup , Sensei Chris Castle , Andy Muir , Beth Castle you guys were awesome helping out .. 
So i am pleased to announce a Brand New Shodan " 1st Dan " Jessica Muir , 3 New Nidans " 2nd Dans " Ashley Barber , Mandy Kelly & Brad Kay .. fab job guys .
Amazing emotional draining day mentally and physically.
Osu #Karatewhitefield #Karateprestwich #Karateradcliffe #Karatebury#Blackbeltkarate


Well done Ava Powsney on your Little Warriors Red Stripe 


The Ken Shu Dojo Traditional Karate club were nominated for the #Burysportsawards and we made the finalists of the Best clubs in #Bury a fact were very proud of after last years nomination wasn't successful this year we were in the top 10 #BestinBury a fact that it isnt or wouldnt be possible without the awesome team down the #KenShuDojo , Parents & Students #Togetherwerestrong . We were treated to many a great story and inspired by Claire Cashmore MBE Paralympic Gold and Silver medallist her story was " I Can't do it .... Yet! " Her Sporting Olympic story spread over 4 Olympic Games was amazing . Thank you to #BuryCouncil #BuryBePartOfIt #iwillifyouwill and the teachers from #Phillipshighschool #Whitefield who we shared the table with a fab night #KarateWhitefield #KaratePrestwich #KarateRadcliffe#KarateBury

Pic 1 - Shaz , Sensei Daz & Shidoin Jonny

Pic 2 - Shidoin Jonny , Claire Cashmore MBE & Sensei Daz 

Pic 3 - Sensei Daz & Shidoin Jonny with Olympic Gold & Silver medals from Rio 2016 



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