September 22

We called this grade a week early as Sensei Daz is away for a holiday next week .

a Fantastic standard throughout ..

Kudos and bragging rights to Leonardo for the best score of the day .

9th Kyu

Ryan & Riley

8th Kyu

Matthew , Chris & Aron

7th Kyu

Natan , Evie

6th Kyu

Jake & Leonardo

5th Kyu

Noah .

We were invited to train again with Karate England North 

a great day was had by Sensei James , Shidoin Beth , Ava and Kate 

Kata for Beth and Ava Kumite for Kate 

Fantastic grading at Ksd today !

Nothing is given away all earnt , a long day but worth the rewards !

Well done to

Ash , Luke and Oliver 9th Kyu

Olivia , Guy , Tommy and Alfie 8th kyu

Nathan 7th kyu

Charlie , Ethan 6th kyu

Adam , Zander , Amine , Thomas 5th kyu

Thea , Harry 4th kyu

Rest up and enjoy your achievements guys

Tomorrow we continue our journey !

Thanks to sensei James , Chris , mada and Beth , Sempai Ava and Hannah for the help today .

Sensei Daz